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    Even if you were only involved in a minor bar fight, an assault charge is very serious. You can be convicted of a crime and sent to jail. You need a qualified and experienced assault lawyer on your side immediately if you’re going to make it through this unpredictable and difficult situation.

    Let us defend your freedom and your future. The team at Merchant Law have successfully defended hundreds of clients against assault allegations, and we have the skills and experience to help you, too.

    What is considered to be an assault in Saskatchewan?

    An assault is defined as any unlawful touching of another person with the intent to apply force. This can be a shove, a punch, a slap, a grab, or any other forceful unlawful touching you can think of.

    Assault can also cover cases in which one person makes a verbal threat against the other person.

    What are the different types of assault charges?

    There are three types of assault charges.

    The first is “common assault.” This is the least serious charge. This is unlawful touching that doesn’t result in any bodily harm. Threats which cause the victim to believe that they are in danger fall under common assault.

    The next level of assault charges is “assault with a weapon or causing bodily harm.” This means that you have actually caused an injury to the other person in some way. The injury does not have to be serious to elevate the charges to “assault causing bodily harm.” If you caused a bruise then you can face these charges.

    The final and most serious type of assault charge is “aggravated assault.” This is an assault that maims, wounds, disfigures, or endangers the life of a victim.

    How can I beat an assault charge?

    To make an assault charge stick the Crown must establish that you were the person who committed the assault at the date and time of the alleged incident. They must then prove that you indeed applied force to the victim and that you intended to do so. Reflexive or careless actions are not against the law, though may still result in civil charges.

    One way we can call the validity of the case into question would be by proving your actions were reflexive, or that there was no real intent to assault or harm the victim. Self-defence is another valid defence to an assault charge. If we can prove the victim consented…as in, both parties fully agreed to step outside and have a fight…then you can’t be charged with assault.

    If the crown has insufficient evidence to convict we may even be able to get your charges dropped or dismissed.

    Why Merchant Law?

    When you choose a lawyer from Merchant Law you choose a highly experienced criminal defence lawyer who cares about you. We are respectful, responsive, and caring. We also have a long track record of successful outcomes, including acquittals, deferred prosecution agreements, dropped charges, and dismissed charges.

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