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    Few people deliberately set out to commit a DUI. Unfortunately, the very substances that make you such a danger on the road: alcohol, drugs, even over-the-counter or prescription medications—also impair your judgement. It can be difficult to know when you’ve pushed yourself past the legal limit.

    Worse, some DUI tests are notoriously inaccurate. They can make you believe you’re guilty even when you’re innocent.

    Don’t let a single mistake define the rest of your life. The consequences of a DUI are too serious to leave to chance. Retain an expert DUI lawyer who can help you fight these charges.

    What is the punishment for DUI in Canada?

    DUIs have minimum sentences dependent upon whether you are a first-time offender or a multiple offender. You can find the most recent sentencing guidelines at this link.

    As of this writing, the 1st offense carries a mandatory minimum of an $1000 fine and a maximum sentence of 10 years. The second offense carries a minimum 30 day prison sentence and a maximum of 10 years in prison. The third offense has a mandatory minimum of 120 days in prison and a maximum sentence of 10 years.

    If your impaired driving causes bodily harm the sentencing guidelines change. You can go to prison for up to 14 years. If you cause a death through your impaired driving you can face life in prison.

    As you can see, a DUI is anything but a minor sentence, and should be treated as a potentially life-altering event.

    How long does a DUI stay on your record?

    DUIs remain on your records for life. There is no way to get it expunged if you have been convicted. This means the charge will follow you as you attempt to apply for jobs or secure housing.

    What are the potential defences for a DUI case?

    There are many ways we can help you defend against a DUI charge.

    One way is to address the validity of the evidence. As mentioned, breathalyzer tests and field sobriety tests are both notorious for being inaccurate. They must be calibrated and administered correctly to be valid.

    The standard of proof in a DUI case is the same as for any other criminal case: proof beyond a reasonable doubt. It is our job to weaken the Crown’s ability to present a jury with an air-tight case.

    Why Merchant Law?

    We’ve helped hundreds of people just like you. We’ve been successful at getting DUI cases dismissed and dropped. We’ve worked out deferred prosecution deals or plea bargains which carry less serious consequences. We’ve even helped people charged with DUI get acquitted.

    When you need someone to stand by your side, the team at Merchant Law is here for you. Get the help you need. Call (306) 693-7777 today.