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    A theft charge can be life-changing. It can come with jail time and a record that can make it difficult to secure housing and employment once your sentence is served. Your best chance of preserving your freedom and lifestyle is to hire an experienced criminal lawyer who will fight hard to defend you against these charges.

    Our team has decades of criminal defence experience, and believes in defending the rights of all Canadians. If you’re in trouble, our Moose Jaw team is here to help.

    What is considered theft in Saskatchewan?

    There are three things the Crown Prosecutor must prove before you may convicted of theft.

    • That you moved a piece of property, began to move a piece of property, or caused a piece of property to be moved, and that piece of property belonged to another person.
    • You did so with intent to steal that property either temporarily or permanently.
    • You did not have the owner’s consent to move that property.

    You can also be charged with theft for “converting” a piece of property that didn’t belong to you. This means that you change it to another form that you then benefit from. For example if you steal $500 and go on a shopping spree you have “converted” that cash into another form of stolen goods.

    What is the penalty for theft over 5000 in Canada?

    Theft charges are divided up into “theft over 5000” and “theft under 5000.” The 5000 represents the dollar value of the property chosen. Being convicted of theft over 5000 is punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

    Stealing less than 5000 could still result in at least 6 months of jail time.

    Keep in mind the dollar amount of the stolen property isn’t the only issue the Crown will be considering. The courts look at aggravating factors as well, such as whether you committed the theft on behalf of a criminal organization, or whether you committed a breach of trust or authority while executing the theft.

    How is theft proven?

    The Crown may present evidence such as witness statements, video footage, documents, and photographs.

    To help you defend against theft charges, our criminal defence lawyers will look for evidence that contradicts the charges, such as evidence you tried to pay for the item, evidence the item was taken without intent (by mistake), evidence of mistaken identity, or evidence that you had permission to use the item at the time you are being accused of stealing it.

    We, too, may call witnesses, use videos, use photographs, or use other documents. Receipts can also be very helpful when helping you defend your criminal case.

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