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    It is not uncommon for high net worth individuals to effectively hide financial assets and thereby make them lost to the other spouse when attempting to get a fair and equal division of finances and assets.

    If you try to take the matter on alone by self-representing (which is really just being unrepresented), or with a less experienced lawyer, attempted deceptions by the spouse who is using a lawyer has a much higher chance of being successful.

    We represent both sides of divorce cases and help high net worth individuals such as farmers to protect their assets and affairs to the fullest extent permissible by law. Experience does matter.

    In the situation where a farmer with a high net worth is getting divorced, there will very often be an imbalance of power in the relationship where one of the spouses, more often than not the man but not always, is in control of the family finances and has all the information.

    For obvious reasons, this individual may or may not wish to share those details readily when in his or her mind it means that he or she will be parting with half of their value.

    A high net-worth divorce involving farm assets will involve as a key question the division of farm property, valuable farm machinery, heads of cattle, and other business investments which may have significant value.

    In a high net-worth divorce situation and certainly farm divorces fit this description, before an agreement can be reached or a court order obtained in relation to the question of how to fairly divide assets, a full accounting of all assets is necessary. Although that sounds simple. In fact it can be a great challenge.

    If you are the one being left out in the cold, then it’s the job of your Moose Jaw divorce for farmers expert lawyer to figure out the total wealth, earnings and ongoing income of your ex-spouse which can include one or more businesses, one or more major real estate holdings, one or more pension entitlements, stock portfolios, cars, boats, art, etc.

    When you hire competent Moose Jaw Divorce Lawyers to pursue such an individual the first thing we need to get will be a full accounting of all assets and agreements. If we think assets and holdings are being hidden we can get court orders to try to get the missing holdings disclosed.

    Once that happens then it will become much easier to work toward what will be a fair resolution according to law.

    Moose Jaw Farm Divorce Lawyers Can Help

    In other cases it can be more straightforward such as where there is one family farm or ranch, or one major family business that generates all of the money which gives rise to the high net worth.

    In certain situations, it may even be necessary to bring in specific professionals such as forensic accountants or others to properly assess and reasonably forecast the true nature and value of all the financial assets subject to division during the divorce.

    We know that there will almost always be other interconnected family law issues at play simultaneously such as the need to seek (or defend against) spousal support, child support, child custody, child access, and visitation. The results achieved can vary tremendously based on the methods, strategies, and handling of all these divorce related matters by your Moose Jaw farm divorce lawyer.

    Emotions are often involved that can cloud one or both parties thinking in these matters. These are sensitive issues that mix finances with feelings of hurt and betrayal in the separation itself, and with children involved it can become very difficult for the parties to think straight. This is why it is so important not to let the issue of assets’ distribution be overlooked or improperly handled by an inexperienced lawyer.

    The divorce lawyers at our Moose Jaw offices handle division of assets cases from both sides, whether you are the one legally entitled to receive a financial equalization from your ex-spouse or whether you are the one who is being or will be pursued by your ex-spouse for divorce and division of farm assets and farm property. There are tactically significant steps that can be taken when you are being sued for divorce and division of matrimonial property or assets. Speak to a lawyer right away to protect your rights.


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