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    Recently separated individuals will need help from qualified Moose Jaw property and asset division lawyers. The evaluation process is complex and can seem daunting however you are in good hands with our Moose Jaw property and asset division lawyers team.

    Our lawyers will work hard to ensure you get the utmost value from the division of your property from a divorce or separation according to law. As we work for you, your interests are paramount for us.

    Some of your property, such as the family (or matrimonial) home will be divided between former spouses based on the specific applicable legislation.

    Property like bank accounts, investments, cars or other household items, and household debts, all has to be looked at to determine a fair distribution according to Saskatchewan law. Evaluations of businesses can be extraordinarily complex and usually requires accounting experts and forecasters, unless the parties can agree.

    The process starts with both parties, ordinarily with both sides represented by lawyers, disclosing their assets openly to the best of their knowledge and usually explaining themselves what the monetary value is (which forecast needs to be scrutinized).

    Recent bank statements and other evidence can be provided or obtained to shed light on the valuation of certain kinds of assets and debts whereas attaching an evaluation to other property such as your house or furniture involves determination as to the price for which they could be sold on the open market, which may be more or less than what was paid for them.

    Once values can be allotted to the assets, we will be at a starting point for negotiation or else to proceed to Trial. There are steps that need to be taken to proceed through the courts including mandatory settlement conferences and a pre-trial settlement with a judge of the Court of Queen’s Bench to mediate.

    If we cannot come to a fair settlement with your ex-spouse, we will be ready to put the case before a judge at trial as we will be already prepared with all of the supporting facts and are well versed in terms of the current Saskatchewan law that applies.

    Our team of experienced Moose Jaw divorce lawyers are committed to providing affordable and comprehensive solutions for each and every client. Our team is skilled and experienced in all areas of divorce and separation including mediation, trial, property division, child support, child custody, and spousal support.


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