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    When your marriage is ending you need the best local divorce lawyer you can find. The consequences of a divorce can be personally and financially far-reaching, which means you’ll want to ensure that you’ve either worked out the best settlement you can or have chosen an advocate who can protect your best interests in court.

    Our divorce attorneys have handled some of Alberta’s toughest marriage dissolutions, including high net worth divorces, business-owner and entrepreneur divorces, farm and ranch divorces, and divorces involving intellectual property. We have the expertise to help guide you through this

    What’s the best way to protect my interests in a Morinville divorce?

    Hiring an experienced attorney is the first step.

    The second step is to get a realistic assessment of the best and worst case scenarios from your attorney. This can help you understand what a reasonable divorce settlement should look like.

    The third is to set goals for your divorce action. For example, if you’re hoping to keep control of a business you’ve built, then you need to instruct your attorney to work towards that goal while being willing to give up other assets in return.

    The fourth is to commit to a negotiation process. The more willing you are to negotiate with your ex the more likely you are to protect your interests. Judges don’t spend a lot of time with each divorce case and will tend to apply the law in broad strokes that don’t always create arrangements which give you what you want.

    By being willing to compromise and settle, you leave yourself the ability to embrace creative solutions with a chance at getting you what you really want.

    What should I know about child custody in a Morinville divorce?

    Be advised that sole custody is a rare arrangement.

    Courts vastly favor shared and joint custody arrangements. In most cases this is what is best for the child. Unless your spouse is a true danger to you or your child you should avoid trying to pursue other custody arrangements. You’ll just waste time and money, and will perhaps turn the courts against you by making it seem like you don’t have any interest in fostering your child’s relationship with their other parent.

    If the other parent is a danger, speak to your attorney about your options.

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    Our attorneys have decades of experience handling some of Alberta’s toughest divorces. Our team also has helpful experience with other areas of the law which can apply to a divorce case, such as business law and real estate law.

    We’ve got a long track record of success and are known as some of Alberta’s toughest litigators and negotiators. We’re also responsive and care deeply about protecting your interests.

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