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    Is your marriage ending? Don’t leave what happens next to chance. You need a local divorce lawyer who can help guide you through the process of crafting a divorce settlement you can live with.

    Our attorneys have handled some of the toughest divorces, including high net worth divorces, business owner divorces, divorces involving intellectual property, and farm divorces. We’ve both helped to negotiate win-win settlements and have defended our client’s interests successfully in court.

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    Olds, AB Asset Division

    Are you worried about how your assets will be divided up during your Alberta divorce?

    Alberta divorce law gives both spouses equal rights to all marital property. Marital property is any property that was acquired after the date of the marriage. So if you owned a house prior to the marriage it’s non-marital property, but if you bought a house after the marriage date then it’s marital property.

    Sometimes marital and non-marital property can become heavily commingled and subject to dispute. For example, if you made improvements to the home after getting married, increasing the home’s value by $20,000, then that $20,000 can be considered marital property, and in some cases the home will become marital property.

    These kinds of disputes, and the fact that some property can’t just be sold so that proceeds may be split down the middle, are some of the reasons why putting together a divorce settlement can be so challenging. Fortunately, our team has helped many clients with Win-Win legal solutions that help our clients meet their goals.

    Olds, AB Spousal Support

    Spousal support can cause a lot of visceral reactions. In part this is because of the major impact spousal support can have on the future finances of both parties.

    Alberta law does not mandate spousal support in most causes but judges will award it in certain cases. Speak to your attorney about the best and worst case scenarios based on the length of your marriage, the role each spouse played in the marriage, and the income each spouse brings in.

    Your attorney may also be able to help you craft alternatives to monthly payments like lump sum payments, or alterations in asset division.

    Olds, AB Child Support, Custody, and Visitation

    If you have minor children then issues of custody, support, and visitation can cause a great deal of anxiety. Fortunately, Alberta law largely supports the idea that parents and children should have a relationship with each other. For the most part, our courts favor shared and joint custody arrangements unless doing anything else would not be in the best interests of the child.

    Child support is largely straightforward unless one spouse has variable income or runs a business. Speak to your attorney about your options if this is your situation.

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