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Our legal team helps both with commercial and residential real estate transactions. We help our clients navigate the complexities of the Canadian real estate market. We can help protect you from making a bad real estate deal, and we can help you in court when deals turn sour.

We can also help you deal with more complex real estate matters like landlord-tenant obligations, foreclosures, evictions, partitions, and more.

Buying and Selling Residential Real Estate

You’re realtor can help you find the right house or the right buyer, but only a lawyer can protect you as you wrap up the transaction. Using a real estate lawyer protects you, since there are things that can go wrong with property sales.

You may also need a real estate lawyer in the event that you inherit property. Inheriting property can come with a wide variety of legal issues, especially if there are other heirs involved.

Left to their own devices, realtors usually use boiler plate sales contracts that can get you in trouble if there are special situations with your property. For example, we can help you clear up clouded titles, manage property rights, or negotiate contracts that protect you.

Buying and Selling Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate can become intensely complex. Mineral rights, environmental permits, land use issues, zoning, and the need to conduct due diligence are all part of the complex web of transactions that take place every day. Our team of experienced commercial real estate lawyers will help you protect your interests.

In cases where your real estate becomes entangled in litigation you can count on us to defend your interests. Property disputes are very common, but our experienced team is here to help.

Those who invest heavily in commercial real estate properties would do well to keep a dedicated real estate lawyer on retainer. This ensures familiarity with your properties, the ability to anticipate and reduce problems, and the ability to respond quickly when issues arise.

Why Merchant Law?

Our team is known for being some of Canada’s toughest litigators, most hard-nosed negotiators, and most savvy business lawyers. We have a proven track record of defending our client’s interests, and for winning cases.

You’ll find our team of real estate lawyers to be responsive, helpful, and knowledgeable. We’re excited to help you achieve all of your real estate goals. Contact us today to retain one of our highly skilled real estate lawyers.