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    Alberta drivers can be quite hostile to cyclists, and this hostility often translates into accidents between cars and bikes. When a car and a bike collide the cyclist usually gets severely hurt.

    Common injuries include brain damage, spinal damage, and disfigurement. It takes many victims years to recover fully, and they often require services which aren’t covered by Medicare. Many victims won’t return to work, or won’t be able to work in the same capacity as they did prior to their accident.

    Alberta personal injury law is here to protect you by helping you get compensation for these life-altering injuries. Unfortunately, the insurance company responsible for providing this compensation isn’t going to help you without a fight.

    That’s where Merchant Law comes in.

    Bicycle accident cases get complicated fast.

    Many of our clients imagine that their cases will be relatively simple. The truth is most bicycle cases are anything but.

    It’s counterintuitive, but many defendants succeed on blaming accidents on the cyclists. They’re helped along by the stigma that cyclists are irresponsible, slow down traffic, and just get in the way.

    If the defendant can prove you were more than 51% responsible for the accident you won’t have a case. You won’t be able to recover funds. You could also lose out on thousands of dollars simply because the defendant manages to prove you were negligent in some way.

    This is because Alberta is a comparative negligence province. Each party will be assigned a percentage of fault. Your eventual award will be reduced by the percentage of fault the courts assign to you.

    This means if you’re found 10% at fault and your award is $100,000 then you’d only take home $90,000. Obviously it is within the best interests of the defendant to increase that number as much as they can.

    Worse, it is often very difficult for cyclists to take steps that will help them win their case. Directly after the accident they are often unconscious, or so hurt and disoriented they can’t gather information, get witness contact numbers, take photographs, or take any other steps which might help.

    The best thing you can do is to avoid talking to insurance companies or anyone else about your case before talking to an experienced bicycle accident lawyer. Let us deal with the insurance companies for you while you concentrate on healing. This will keep you from making big mistakes which could keep you from winning your case.

    We’re wrongful death lawyers, too.

    Tragically many cyclists die after colliding with cars. This means it will fall to their spouses, parents, or children to try to collect funds.

    While no amount of money can replace your loved one, it can help you cope with the financial blow of your loved one’s passing. The money you receive should help replace lost wages, loss of services, and funeral costs.

    While Alberta does its best to reduce litigation in these cases it’s important to understand that many factors get weighed before a final amount gets determined. You’ll need the help of an experienced wrongful death lawyer to maximize that amount.

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