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    Red Deer isn’t the most pedestrian-friendly place in the world. It only has a Walk Score of 22.

    Nevertheless, cars and pedestrians still get into accidents with one another in Red Deer. If this has happened to you, then you need someone who will hold the driver accountable.

    Injuries from these types of accidents are usually serious and are often life-altering. It’s common for pedestrians to come away with severe head and spinal injuries. You may need years of follow-up care that Medicare doesn’t cover. You may miss work while trying to pursue care, or lose your job altogether.

    You need the money you’re entitled to by law, and Merchant Law is here to help you get it.

    What complicates pedestrian cases?

    You can’t assume that a pedestrian case is “open and shut.” Many defendants can and do successfully blame the accident on the pedestrian. Pedestrians are bound to traffic laws just like drivers are, and if the defense can prove your own negligence caused the accident then they are off the hook.

    If they can prove you were just partially responsible they can vastly reduce the amount of compensation you can collect. Alberta is a comparative negligence province. This means both you and the driver will be assigned a percentage of fault.

    If you’re found to be 30% negligent and the defendant is asked to pay $100,000 then your award would be reduced by 30%. This means you’d only bring home $70,000 for your accident. Every percentage point matters.

    It can be difficult to prove your side of the story as pedestrians are often too hurt to help their own case in the painful and confusing minutes following an accident. Few pedestrians can gather information, take photos, or find witnesses. That means you need a lawyer who is skilled at piecing together this information after the fact.

    Wrongful Death

    Sadly, many pedestrian accidents turn into wrongful death cases. If you’ve lost a loved one to a negligent driver than Merchant Law can help. Spouses, parents, and children may make a claim against their loved one’s lost earnings and earning capacity, loss of services, loss of companionship, and funeral expenses.

    While Alberta law seeks to expedite the process of paying wrongful death claimants by reducing litigation through strict guidelines, there are still a number of factors that go into the amount of money you can collect. An Alberta wrongful death lawyer can help you get as much money as possible. It won’t replace your loved one, but it might help you stay afloat financially without them.

    Why Merchant Law?

    When you call Merchant Law you’ll be working with experienced pedestrian accident lawyers. Our lawyers have a long track record of getting results, and with helping our clients get up to ten times as much money as they’d have gotten on their own (even after lawyer’s fees).

    We work on contingency, which means you don’t pay us until we get you paid. It’s risk free to contact us, set up a consultation, and get your case started. Call 403.237.7777 or visit our office at:

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