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    Truck accidents, especially accidents with commercial vehicles, are some of the most complex and hard-fought personal injury case battles to enter the court system. There are many reasons why this is the case, but rest assured if you’ve been injured in a truck accident you will need an expert—not just a personal injury lawyer, but one with experience handling trucking cases.

    Turning to Merchant Law could make a huge difference in the outcome of your case. We have a long track record of getting payouts that are sometimes as much as ten times larger than what you might have gotten on your own.

    Why are truck cases so complex?

    There are several reasons why you can’t treat a trucking case like it’s any other personal injury case.

    The first reason is there are usually multiple parties to hold accountable.

    There’s the driver, the driver’s employer, the manufacturer of the truck, and anyone else who might be involved. Each and every one of these parties has a vested interest in keeping you from collecting the money you need to recover from your severe injuries.

    There’s the injuries themselves.

    A trucking case is rarely an inexpensive proposition. Most of these injuries require years of expensive care, including follow-up care Medicare doesn’t cover. Lost wages and even lost earning capacity can both be a big factor in such cases. It’s not unusual to see payouts approaching a million dollars or more.

    There’s the fact that most people who get into truck accidents aren’t usually in a position to strengthen their own cases.

    It’s not uncommon for truck accident victims to be unconscious, or in so much pain and so disoriented that they can’t start gathering evidence or snapping photos. This means that it falls to the lawyer to track down vital witnesses and pieces of evidence. In fact, just about the only thing most truck accident victims can do to strengthen their cases is to call a qualified lawyer as soon as they’re capable of doing so.

    The lawyer must know the industry.

    Truck drivers are held to a higher standard than regular drivers, and the trucking industry is too. They have a duty to hire trustworthy people with clean backgrounds. They have a duty to keep those people on the road for a safe and reasonable amount of time, and no longer. They have a responsibility to service their trucks. Often, they do none of those things. Worse, truckers themselves often fall prey to alcohol or drug abuse. Lawyers who don’t know the industry will miss vital points with which to demonstrate the trucking company’s responsibility to you, the client.

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