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    Legal Civil Litigation Lawyer in Regina

    Throughout the city of Regina, and, indeed, throughout Saskatchewan, Merchant Law is known as an established and respected civil-litigation firms. Civil-litigators at our Regina office make litigation their focus, rather than an addendum.

    This is in sharp contrast to many Regina law firms which may have no skilled litigators amongst their ranks or may have only one or two. It is fair to say that many lawyers are afraid to take a matter to trial, and would prefer to settle wherever possible. Trial work requires experience and diligence.

    You can rest assured that when you hire Merchant Law to represent you with a civil-litigation matter, while we will of course pursue settlements when it makes sense to do so, we are not afraid to fight to secure your rights, within the ethical bounds and duties required of us, for the full advancement of our clients’ interests which is always our paramount concern.

    Civil Suits in Regina, SK

    We can help you sue to protect your rights, and we can help if you’re being sued. The matters we handle in our Regina office include, but are not limited to:

    • Corporate lawsuits
    • Personal injury lawsuits
    • Intellectual property disputes
    • Class action suits
    • Professional liability lawsuits
    • Wrongful dismissal & severance
    • Professional discipline hearings and license defence
    • Appeals
    • Insurance litigation
    • Estate litigation
    • Dispute resolution
    • Commercial litigation
    • Creditor’s rights

    With our help you can protect your assets and your interests. Our team can protect you in the Provincial Courts, the Court of Appeals, Federal Courts, the Supreme Court, and in front of Tribunals, Boards, and Commissions.

    Important Local Addresses

    Here is a list of local courts where your civil-litigation case may be heard.

    The Provincial Court of Saskatchewan

    1815 Smith St., Regina, SK S4P 2N5

    (306) 787-5250


    The Saskatchewan Court of Queen’s Bench

    2425 Victoria Ave., Regina, SK S4P 4W6

    (306) 787-5377


    Court of Appeals

    2425 Victoria Ave., Regina, SK S4P 4W6

    (306) 787-5382


    Class Action Suits in SK

    Merchant Law is at the forefront of many important lawsuits designed to bring justice to classes of people who have been wronged. Some current actions include the Allerject Recall Class Action being heard here in Regina, the Saskatchewan Social Services/Foster Care Class Action, and the Saskatchewan Training School Class Action.

    Contact Merchant Law if you think you may be covered by any of these lawsuits.

    Other SK lawsuits we’ve been involved in include:

    These are just representative samples of some of the civil suits we’ve handled for clients in Regina, across Saskatchewan, and across Canada. As you can see, we’re not afraid to take on any entity, large or small. We will fight just as hard for you, whether you’re a part of a class in need of protection or are an individual client who needs help.

    Our lawyers are passionate about taking on good causes for great people. You’ll find us fighting hard for people and companies who have been wronged.

    Get Justice Today

    Don’t let anyone trample on your rights. Visit Merchant Law at 2401 Saskatchewan Dr., Regina, SK S4P 4H8, in the Saskatchewan Drive Plaza. We’re down the street from the Provincial Court of Saskatchewan, as well as the Regina Small Claims Court. We’re convenient to multiple public transportation stops, as well as to SK 6.

    You can also call us at (306) 359-7777. We’ll be happy to schedule a consultation.