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    Your farm may have been in your family for generations, but it’s still a business, and that means you may still need the support of a qualified business lawyer in Regina, SK.

    Any business can find itself in the crosshairs of a lawsuit. In addition, the laws governing farms in Regina changes constantly.

    Yet a farm isn’t just any business. Which means you need an business attorney who specializes in the special issues that come with running a farm. Our agricultural law firm can help.


    Do farmers need a business license in Saskatchewan?

    Yes. You’ll need a business license, as well as several other licenses.

    For example, a wheat farmer in Saskatchewan will require a business license, a vendor’s license, business name registration, and business number registration.

    In addition, you will need to register your business under the proper business structure, such as a corporation, co-op, or LLC.

    You may also need to apply for a number of permits including the fuel tax exemption permit, the averaging of hours permit, and workers compensation board registration. If your farm equipment requires diesel fuel then you’ll need to apply for a Restricted Use Fuel Tax Exemption permit. If you’re going to apply pesticides you’ll need a Permit to Apply a Pesticide Near Surface Water if you’re going to apply that pesticide in or near surface water. When you sell your wheat you’ll generally need a certified weighing and measuring device.

    To find out all the documents and licenses your farm requires, visit Biz Pal. Note that Biz Pal only lists the documents you may need. It’s important to consult with a business attorney to choose all the documents you will need to file to keep your farm in compliance with Saskatchewan law.


    Do farmers need to pay their employees overtime in Saskatchewan?

    The Labour Standards Act of Saskatchewan does allow some flexibility to farmers when it comes to employee work hours. Yet farmers must be very careful about how they use that flexibility, and with whom. Not every farm employee is exempt from overtime, especially if they do not work directly with crops or livestock.

    In addition, farm employees who are engaged in the act of processing a product must be paid overtime. For example, if an employee works in one of your slaughterhouses for 50 hours a week then they would need to be paid 6 hours of overtime.

    Protecting your farm from employment lawsuits is just one of the many services that the attorneys at Merchant Law can provide you with when you work with us.


    Legal Support for Farm Businesses in Regina, SK

    Whether you’re trying to manage contracts and agreements, steer clear of employee lawsuits, or keep up with the ever-shifting landscape of legal regulation, the attorneys at Merchant Law can help.

    Our lawyers have decades of experience helping farmers like you manage their legal risks, defend against lawsuits, and protect their interests. To get started, call (306) 359-7777 to set up an appointment today.