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    Driving under the influence of any substance is treated as a serious matter here in Saskatchewan, and can lead to criminal charges, even if it’s your first offense. It’s important to understand that these charges can have a serious impact on your life if you don’t invest in a strong legal defence.

    The criminal defence lawyers at Merchant Law can help. Our team is full of experienced, savvy defence lawyers with long track records of success. We understand your situation, and will work hard to mitigate or even eliminate the consequences of your arrest.

    Cannabis and Driving in Regina

    Cannabis may be legal in Saskatchewan, but it’s still against the law to drive under the influence of marijuana. Driving high is just as dangerous as driving drunk. You can transport cannabis, but you can’t have any in your system while you are driving.

    Police can detect cannabis use via the Standard Field Sobriety Test (SFST). They can also use a Drug Recognition Evaluation, or DRE. Probable cause gives them the right to issue a saliva test. Probable cause could include dilated pupils, marijuana smells, poor balance, poor coordination, delayed reaction times, or slurred speech.

    There is a zero tolerance law in place. Driving under the influence of cannabis means license suspensions, vehicle seizures, and financial penalties.

    Prescription Drugs and Driving in Regina

    Many prescription drugs impair the ability to drive. Unfortunately, many people believe that a drug’s legality protects them from a DUI. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you are impaired while driving and you’re caught, you’re in trouble…even if you have a prescription.

    In fact, many defendants make their own cases harder by telling the cops, “Oh don’t worry, I have a legal prescription for that drug I’m on.” Don’t do this. Maintain your right to silence and get help from a lawyer.

    What are the penalties for impaired driving in Saskatchewan?

    The specific penalties will depend on whether this is your first offense or not. Your license may be suspended, and you may be punished with fines. You can also be punished with jail time for up to 14 years. Finally, you may be required to take driver’s education courses.

    The penalties continue even once you are out of prison. It can be very difficult to secure a job or housing with a conviction of any kind.

    How Merchant Law Can Help

    First, we can evaluate the evidence to ascertain the strength of the Crown’s case against you. In some cases the evidence is thin. When that happens we may be able to get your case dismissed, even before trial. If not, we’ll have a solid foundation for helping you get acquitted.

    We can help you evaluate other options like plea bargains, which would typically come with reduced charges. Those reductions can make a big impact on the consequences you suffer.

    If you’re in trouble, don’t delay. Call Merchant Law to speak with a lawyer now. Call (306) 359-7777