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    DUIs are some of the most common criminal charges, and many people commit DUIs without meaning to. Few people carry a breathalyzer with them, and many factors can impact blood alcohol levels, from the food a person ate that day to the person’s general health. It’s not an exact science.

    In addition, few field sobriety tests or breathalyzers are fully accurate, and there are a number of factors that can alter or throw the test results.

    So if you’ve been convicted of a DUI, you shouldn’t just roll over and plead guilty. DUIs can carry lifelong consequences, including jailtime, difficulty obtaining employment, and difficulty obtaining housing. An honest mistake or a flawed test shouldn’t change the course of your whole life.

    What are the drinking and driving laws in Saskatchewan?

    First, you must take the breathalyzer test. If you refuse a breathalyzer test in Saskatchewan the police will arrest you just as if you’d blown over a 0.08 BAC.

    Impaired driving is a serious charge with far-reaching consequences. Whether it’s your first charge or your third, you need intense representation to mitigate the consequences as much as possible.

    What is the penalty for impaired driving in Saskatchewan?

    It will depend on your specific blood-alcohol level or level of impairment if the impairment was caused by a substance other than alcohol. It would also depend on whether this is your first offense.

    If your BAC was between 0.04 and 0.08 you will be subject to fines and a license suspension. First-time offenders can expect their license to be suspended for 24 hours, immediately. Your vehicle will be towed, and you’ll be charged for that.

    If your BAC is over 0.08 then your license will be suspended for one year. Multiple offenses come with longer license suspensions. You may also be required to attend and pay for educational programs. Finally, you could face up to 14 years in jail.

    Take these charges seriously.

    How Merchant Law Can Help

    We have a long track record of successfully defending DUI cases. We can expose the flaws in the testing process and expose weaknesses in the Crown’s case. For example, we know the science of how metabolism, certain medical conditions like hypoglycemia, and even the temperature of your breath can throw off a breathalyzer result. At times this can lead to case dismissal, or to reduced charges.

    We can also address whether the officer had reasonable suspicion to issue a breathalyzer at all. For example, some officers administer field sobriety tests, but these tests are also notoriously inaccurate. They require a specific protocol, and when officers fail to follow that protocol we can address that in court and use it to strengthen your case.

    If that’s not possible then we will seek acquittal at trial. Our team is full of tough trial lawyers who rigorously prepare so they can win.

    One mistake or misunderstanding shouldn’t direct the course of your entire life. If you’re in trouble, don’t delay. Call Merchant Law to speak with a lawyer now. Call (306) 359-7777