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    Smart legal solutions for highly personal problems. That’s what the experienced and dedicated Merchant Law team of family lawyers in Regina promises to every client who walks through our doors.

    Our family law team offers help with:

    • Separation & Divorce
    • Custody & Access
    • Child & Spousal Support
    • Adoptions
    • Elder Care Issues

    Any of these issues has the potential to impact your life in a highly personal way. Most of them play a role in what your financial situation will look like for years to come. It pays to get help from some of the most experienced family lawyers Saskatchewan has to offer.

    Separation & Divorce

    When divorce is on the horizon the need for legal support begins well before you file. Unless you are alleging marital breakdown due to adultery, physical cruelty, or mental cruelty, you and your spouse will have to live “separate and apart” for one year before you can establish adequate grounds for divorce exist.

    While you are living separately, you will likely need some form of agreement to manage your finances and your children. This agreement might outline who lives in the marital home, who has primary physical custody of the children, who has access to the children, and when, and who must pay whom support of any kind. Our family law team will protect your rights by making sure the separation agreement you have in place serves you and your interests. Read more.

    Custody & Access

    Custody is a delicate issue. Ultimately, the goal is to create an arrangement that serves the child’s best interests. This can be complicated by parental subjectivity, mental health issues, past problems with drug or alcohol abuse, and domestic violence claims. It can be further complicated in instances where parents live more than 100 miles from each other, or simply have a relationship so contentious that it threatens to cause psychological harm.

    In general, the court supports the right of both parents to have access to their children, and prefers to create arrangements that maximize that access for both parents. But that doesn’t mean things can’t go wrong. Our family law team is here to ensure you and your children are protected to the fullest extent of the law. Read more.

    Child & Spousal Support

    The Divorce Act demands divorcing couples make adequate arrangements for any children of the marriage before the divorce decree is granted. Financial support of the children is required of both parents. Parents may agree on a child support amount, or the courts will use formulas established by law. Read more.

    Spousal support can be fraught with difficulty. If you are entitled to receive spousal support you probably need it to survive. If you are obligated to pay it takes a strong advocate to ensure you aren’t asked to pay to the detriment of your own ability to survive. You will need help from a lawyer to ensure whatever spousal support plan (if any) is workable for you and your family.


    Opening your home and heart to a child and becoming that child’s legal parent is a complex, difficult process. Whether you’re adopting a baby from an agency or a step-child from your spouse’s previous marriage, there are multiple steps to complete.

    The team at Merchant Law is prepared to help you successfully complete every step. Our goal is to keep the process as painless as possible.

    Elder Care Issues

    Do you have an elderly loved one who no longer has the physical or mental capacity to care for himself or herself? Do you have untrustworthy relatives angling to become that elder’s trustee or guardian?

    Ideally, seniors will create power of attorney and guardianship documents prior to losing control of their faculties. When this doesn’t happen families can wind up at odds with one another over the best way to handle the senior’s care.

    Let us be your advocate, so you can advocate for your senior loved one.

    Getting to Merchant Law of Regina, SK

    You’ll find our offices on Saskatchewan Drive between McIntyre St. and Smith Street. We’re in the same building as the Z99 radio station. We’re across the street from the Impark. If stopping by via public transit the nearest stop is 11th Ave. at Lorne.

    We invite you to call and set up an appointment. We offer free family law telephone consultations to all Regina residents, and we look forward to hearing from you.