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    You’ve heard that less than 70% of businesses survive for more than 5 years. Did you know that many of those businesses will go under because they failed to retain a business lawyer?

    Lawsuits and compliance issues can cost millions of dollars. Even one can be more than enough to wipe the average business off the map. You need an expert team to protect your business. Reach out to Merchant Law, where our corporate lawyers have decades of experience helping businesses like yours survive and thrive.

    What does a business lawyer do?

    A business lawyer helps you navigate all of the legal issues that arise for most companies. 

    These issues can arise from the moment you go into business. For example, if you don’t select the right business structure then you could open yourself up to tax consequences and personal liability consequences you don’t anticipate. If you don’t fulfill the requirements for your chosen business structure your business type could revert at an inopportune moment, and you, personally, could lose everything.

    Depending on your industry there might be dozens or even hundreds of regulations governing how you may conduct your business operations. Our compliance lawyers help you by ensuring you know what the regulations are and what steps you need to follow to ensure you are operating within the boundaries of the law. 

    Next, most businesses will need to enter into some form of contract, from basic leases to complex partnership and vendor agreements. In an ideal world both parties would be able to uphold their end of the bargain without a hitch. In the real world one side or the other may end up breaching the contract for any number of reasons. A business lawyer can help you mitigate or recover damages.

    Finally, most companies, even very ethical companies who do nothing wrong, will get sued at some point. There are just too many people who could decide the company has wronged them: customers, employees, vendors, even visitors. A business lawyer can help you minimize your exposure to these lawsuits, but can also defend you when they arise. Often, when you work with a business lawyer long enough they will have helped you structure your operations in a way that ensures you will have a much stronger case when litigation arises. 

    When do you need a corporate lawyer? 

    Most people will need a business lawyer the moment they decide to launch or purchase a business. If you’re buying a business a corporate lawyer can help you with the due diligence process, which means you might need a lawyer before you become a business owner.

    Doing without a lawyer is a risk. Boilerplate contracts will never protect you, attempting to learn regulations on your own could result in serious errors, and you’ll be left to scramble when something goes seriously wrong.

    Why Merchant Law?

    Our lawyers have decades of experience and have navigated companies through some of the toughest litigation cases in our nation. We are responsive and caring. Our goal is to serve as your partners in your quest to make your business both profitable and scalable.

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