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    The laws governing your farm business have only continued to grow more complex. There are more regulations than ever before. Farming technology continues to improve, and with it comes new legal issues.

    Many farming businesses have been “making do” without any legal support for many years. This is growing more dangerous as the farming business continues to evolve.

    The team at Merchant Law can help. Our business attorneys specialize in farm and agricultural law. We bring a wealth of experience to the table and have helped many local farmers just like you.

    We provide practical advice and legal defense on a number of issues.


    Agricultural Contracts

    Like all business owners, farmers deal with a wide variety of contracts, including both production contracts and marketing contracts with larger entities. These contracts can bring steady income but a wealth of dangers and disadvantages.

    If you’re accused of a breach or end up with another company who causes you a financial loss due to a breach then you will need an outstanding attorney by your side. In addition, it is important to evaluate each contract on its own individual merits, watching out for language that is vague, inapplicable, or even predatory.


    Farm Estate Planning

    If you’d like your farm to stay with your heirs then you will need proper estate planning. Agricultural estate planning has only grown more complex as the farm business.
    Failed succession planning can be the kiss of death for farms. If you want yours to continue to survive, you will need to navigate the transition planning process.


    Regulatory Compliance

    From enrolling in the Chronic Wasting Disease reporting program to navigating fuel tax exemptions, farmers are more burdened by regulations than ever. There is a wealth of permits, licenses, and inspections to navigate.

    Failure to comply with regulations can be extremely costly. The fines can be enough to bankrupt most farms. Yet staying on top of these regulations is a full-time job.
    Let us advise your farm on the steps you will need to take to remain in compliance with federal and provincial law.


    Employment Issues

    When can you work an employee more than 44 hours? When do you have to pay overtime? How should you navigate workers compensation issues?

    When farmers are also employers, they enter a legal minefield. There are multiple opportunities to run afoul of provincial law, as well as multiple opportunities to fall prey to accusations of discrimination, wrongful termination, or wage theft.

    Our attorneys can help you institute best practices to ensure that your farm is on the right side of the law. We can also defend you in the event that a lawsuit arises.


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    These are just small tastes of the many legal issues faced by the modern farmer. Don’t try to handle them alone.

    Instead, reach out to Merchant Law. Our business attorneys have decades of experience helping farmers like you. Call (306) 653-7777 to set up your appointment today.