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    Have you been charged with murder in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan or anywhere else in Canada. You should have lawyers represent you with experience, resolve, and legal knowledge in your corner fighting for your rights and freedoms.

    Murder Charges in the Criminal Code of Canada – a fight for your life

    Many of those who are charged with murder, do not go out looking for trouble. Perhaps you have a defence. Perhaps there is a mitigating factor that should be considered at sentencing.

    Homicide allegations are triable matters, and it is recommended that an accused person charged with murder in Saskatchewan consider trial by judge and jury.

    At the end of the day, you are fighting for your life – you are looking at anywhere from 10, to 15, to 25 years in a federal penitentiary, or with the help of experienced counsel you could be acquitted – a free man.

    Make sure to hire experienced criminal defence lawyers to help fight for you and take your matter to trial with the best possible outcomes.

    What is the Criminal Code section for Murder?

    Murder is covered under section 231 of the Criminal Code of Canada. Proving both first degree and second degree murder requires that the Crown Prosecution is able to establish one of three categories of requisite intent set out in section 229, which include:

    • The Accused caused the death and that he intended to cause the death; (s. 229(a)(i))
      · The Accused caused death and meant to cause bodily harm, knowing it is likely to cause death or being reckless as to whether death results; (s. 229(a)(ii))
      · The Accused caused death but does so by accident or mistake, while in the course of a robbery; (s.229(b))
      · The Accused caused death while pursuing an “unlawful object” that “he knows or ought to know is likely to cause death”. (s.229(c))

    In short, the difference between a first degree and second degree murder is planning and deliberation. Also if you are convicted of 1st degree murder, you will be facing a 25 year sentence versus a significantly shorter sentence associated with a 2nd degree murder conviction, which could be a 10 or 15 year sentence.

    You will no doubt wish to have the very best Saskatoon criminal defence lawyers fighting for you. There are many equally good lawyers to choose from and it would be impossible for any one Saskatoon criminal defence lawyer or law firm to state that they are the absolute best Saskatoon criminal defence lawyers or best murder charge lawyers in Saskatchewan.

    Our Saskatoon murder charges lawyers group and Saskatoon criminal defence lawyers team are diligent, experienced, and knowledgeable. It is recommended that you consult with two or more lawyers prior to deciding which Saskatoon criminal defence law firm you are most comfortable with and determine for yourself who you believe to be the best Saskatoon criminal defence lawyer to represent you in your case. Murder charges, manslaughter charges, attempted murder charges are all just about the most serious charges under our Criminal Code.

    If convicted a lengthy jail sentence would be likely. Your entire future is now at stake. You need to speak to a few different lawyers and make your own determination as to who you feel will be the best Saskatoon criminal defence lawyer or best Saskatoon criminal defence law firm to help you.

    When you hire our Saskatoon murder lawyers, our defence lawyers will work hard to prove your innocence in the hopes of securing an acquittal based on any of a number of defences available. This can mean the difference between an acquittal and a 25 year prison sentence.



    Charged with Manslaughter and need a lawyer?

    If you have been charged with manslaughter in Canada, it is necessary to understand the importance of hiring experienced Saskatoon manslaughter defence lawyers in order to protect you.

    There is no minimum sentence associated with manslaughter and there have been cases where there was no custodial sentence, but other cases have led to 5 year prison sentences.

    Consulting with experienced Saskatoon criminal defence lawyers is crucial. We can review your case and discuss your options.

    What is the Criminal Code section for Manslaughter?

    Section 236 of the Criminal Code of Canada details the offence of manslaughter.

    In order to secure a conviction for manslaughter, the Crown must prove that you committed an objectively dangerous act, that is likely to injury another person, and that this act caused a person’s death.

    The issues will involve the Crown proving that you intended to commit the underlying unlawful act.

    It will also be necessary, that the action you took, was objectively dangerous.

    Manslaughter is very circumstantial, and many cases are unique. As such, it will be necessary to closely review the details of your case, and considering hiring expert witnesses in order to challenge the Crown’s evidence.

    Preparation and experience will be the difference between 5 years in a Federal correctional facility, and an acquittal before a jury of your own peers.

    Saskatoon Manslaughter Lawyers

    If you have been charged with manslaughter or murder in Saskatoon or elsewhere in Saskatchewan or Canada, you will want to have experience, resolve, and legal knowledge all in your corner fighting for your rights and freedoms.

    Our Saskatoon, criminal defence lawyers have broad experience and are highly capable manslaughter defence lawyers, ready to help you with your murder or manslaughter charges. We can help.


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