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    Being charged with theft can be a very stressful experience. Not only can a theft conviction lead to serious jail time, fines, and a criminal record, it is also a crime of dishonesty which is embarrassing and stigmatizing.

    It can lead to loss of employment, it can bar candidates from employment or educational opportunities, and it can preclude the individual from traveling to certain countries.

    Our dedicated and competent Saskatoon criminal defence lawyers pride themselves in delivering quality legal representation at affordable prices. When your entire future and your freedom are on the line, our criminal defence lawyers will protect your rights by vigorously fighting your case.

    While we are often able to rely on the reputation and experience of our top ranked criminal defence lawyers to obtain a dismissal or satisfactory plea bargain, our experienced criminal defence lawyers are not afraid of going to trial and zealously fighting for our clients rights.

    The criminal defence lawyers in our Saskatoon office routinely represent those charged with theft and theft related offences including theft over $5,000 and theft under $5,000, breaking and entering, fraud, shoplifting, etc.

    Criminal charges are only allegations until the evidence is tested in a court of law. You may have technical defences or the evidence may not be sufficient to prove every element of the prosecution’s case against you.

    Plea bargaining is also oftentimes a possibility to settle a criminal prosecution with a lesser conviction and a lesser criminal record and/or penalty. You need to speak to a qualified and competent Saskatoon criminal defence lawyer to find out what can be possible to competently and diligently defend your rights and freedoms.

    Serving Saskatoon and the surrounding communities the experienced theft lawyers in our Saskatoon office provide skilled and competent legal representation to those charged with theft and other criminal offences.


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