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    The immigration lawyers at Merchant Law can help with every type of immigration appeal. This includes appeals for temporary visa seekers, permanent residents, refugee appellants, family immigration application refusals, work permit refusals, and removal orders.

    Each of our lawyers has decades of experience working with immigration applications. We can give you your best chance of achieving your Canadian immigration aspirations. We assist immigrants with every stage of the process. 

    Is it easy to immigrate to Saskatoon?

    Saskatchewan is one of the more forgiving provinces when it comes to immigration. You need a lower CRS score to enter into Saskatchewan and the PNP program offers a way forward for many skilled immigrants.

    This doesn’t mean that immigration into Saskatchewan is a snap, even if you do have skills, education, or professional training that the province is seeking. Most immigrants are not successful unless they work with an immigration lawyer. We can help you select the right program to try to immigrate under and can help you appeal a decision if you’ve already been denied entry.

    How can I appeal an immigration decision in Saskatoon? 

    The first step will be to determine whether it is better to make an appeal or whether it is better to apply a second time, perhaps under a different program. One of our first steps will be going ahead and filing the appeal since you will only have 30 days to do that.

    After that we’ll get the facts of your case from the government, including all the reasons for your denial. If you’re protesting a removal order we’ll get all the reasons why the government is seeking your removal.

    This will allow us to craft the legal strategy that is most likely to be successful.

    How long will the appeal take?

    Appeals can take six months to two years depending on the complexity of your case and the reasons why your application has been denied. You should be prepared to be patient and to use the time to your advantage.

    For example, while the long wait can be frustrating, it also offers an excellent opportunity to gather all the evidence you’ll need to successfully navigate either the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ANR) process or your eventual immigration hearing.

    Why Merchant Law? 

    We’re responsive, savvy immigration lawyers with a long track record of helping our clients find success. Hundreds of clients just like you have trusted us to help them fulfill their dream of living and working in Canada. 

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