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    Is your marriage ending? Reach out to one of our local divorce lawyers. Our Spruce Grove legal team is prepared to handle even the most complicated divorce cases. We can help you protect your interests and your rights during this difficult process.

    The decisions that get made during your divorce will follow you for a lifetime. They’ll have an impact on your finances. They could impact your relationship with your children. Make sure you’ve got a tough, skilled attorney by your side.

    Division of Property

    In Alberta, each spouse has the right to an equal share of all marital property. So where do the disputes arise?

    They arise in part because dividing property isn’t as easy as selling everything and splitting the proceeds down the middle. Retirement accounts are devalued if you withdraw from them too early. Both spouses might have an attachment to the marital home. A person who built a business from scratch won’t want to lose control of that business.

    In addition, disputes can arise over what does and does not constitute marital property.

    A skilled divorce attorney can help you protect the assets that are the most important to you, and work out a settlement that gives you your best chance at starting over. Talk to your attorney about your goals for the division of property. Recognize that you won’t walk away with everything, so you must focus on walking away with what matters most to you.

    Spousal Support

    Either spouse may apply for spousal support. It usually goes to a financially disadvantaged spouse, especially if there is a large disparity in income between spouses.

    Typically you can expect there to be six months to a year of support per year of marriage. The support amount can vary, and is calculated using a complex formula. Before the courts get involved, this number serves as little more than a starting point for negotiations.

    Everything in a divorce settlement is negotiable. There are many ways to handle the problem of spousal support. Speak to your attorney about your options.

    Child Custody

    In Alberta the courts favor joint and shared custody arrangements that give the child near 50% access to each parent. Usually this is found to be in the best interests of the child wherever and whenever possible. Sole custody arrangements are rare and generally only happen when the other parent is a proven danger to the child.

    We can help you protect your child if necessary, or work out a co-parenting schedule both you and your spouse can live with if not. Our goal is to protect your child and your relationship with your child.

    Why Merchant Law?

    Our attorneys have decades of experience in divorce law, and can help you negotiate a settlement or battle your spouse in court. Our team has handled high net worth divorces, business owner divorces, intellectual property divorces, farm divorces, and more. We have the background and experience to create strong legal solutions for the problems facing you.

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