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    Is your marriage ending? A divorce is a complex legal matter. You need a local divorce lawyer to help you protect your rights and negotiate a settlement you can live with. If you can’t settle your divorce, you’ll need a passionate advocate who can argue your case in front of a judge in divorce court.

    The team at Merchant Law has handled thousands of divorces over the course of decades. Our team stands ready to help you get the best deal for your divorce.

    How does property get divided up in a Stony Plain divorce?

    Both spouses have an equal right to marital property. It must be divided equitably between them.

    Equitable division does not usually mean a 50/50 split down the middle. It’s usually not possible to divide property that way. Instead, division of property requires careful negotiation.

    When you meet with your attorney you should think about your goals. Do you want to maintain control of the business you built from the ground up? Keep the marital home? Ensure retirement accounts don’t get devalued with early withdrawals?

    We can help you pursue your goals in settlement and defend your position in court if necessary. While you’ll never get to keep all of the property you and your spouse held together, there is a good chance you’ll be able to keep what you need to start over.

    How does child support work in a Stony Plain divorce?

    If you and your spouse had minor children together, then child support is a requirement. It must be included in your divorce decree, and the amount must be in compliance with federal child support guidelines.

    If both spouses have a standard wage job this is usually straightforward. It gets more difficult when one spouse is a business owner, when it’s a farm or ranch divorce, when the spouse has variable income, or when the child has special needs.

    If you need help negotiating child support, speak to your Alberta divorce attorney.

    How does spousal support work in a Stony Plain divorce?

    Spousal support is highly negotiable and variable as long as you can make it part of your divorce settlement rather than being forced into litigation. Neither federal nor provincial law mandates spousal support but either spouse may petition the courts for it and in certain cases it’s reasonable for certain spouses to expect it.

    Ask your attorney about the best and worst case scenarios based on the length of your marriage, the role each of you played in the marriage, how much money each of you make, and other factors. You can also ask about your options for negotiating a fair spousal support settlement.

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    The attorneys at Merchant Law are prepared to help you get the best possible result for your divorce case. We’re responsive, caring lawyers with decades of experience helping Albertans navigate this complex process.

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