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    When your marriage is ending you need help from a local divorce lawyer. Divorce is a complex legal issue and it’s all-too-easy to make mistakes if you don’t have an experienced attorney by your side.

    The team at Merchant Law can help you protect your rights throughout the divorce process. We are tough negotiators who can help you get the best settlement for your case, as well as savvy litigators with decades of courtroom experience. Let us protect you throughout this delicate, difficult process.

    Strathmore, AB Division of Property Lawyer

    How can you get the best deal on the division of property? While both you and your spouse have equal rights to a share of the marital property, that does not mean the assets will be split 50/50. In most cases that’s impossible.

    Instead, we help you zero in on the assets that are most important to you, like the business you built from the ground up, or the retirement account you’d prefer to avoid seeing devalued. We then structure a Win-Win settlement that helps you maintain control or preserve the value of the assets that matter most to you.

    There are a variety of ways that we can do this. Speak to your attorney to get the options that make sense for your unique case.

    Strathmore, AB Spousal Support Lawyer

    Spousal support is a complicated legal matter. Alberta divorce law does not mandate it, but Alberta judges will often agree it is appropriate when spouses in certain positions ask for it.
    It is usually more advantageous to negotiate spousal support whenever possible before it goes to the courts.

    As a starting point, the federal guidelines typically take the length of the marriage into account, the amount of income each spouse is making, and the role each spouse played in the marriage, for starters. Lifetime spousal support awards are rare unless the receiving spouse is more than 65 years old and the marriage has lasted longer than 20 years.

    There are many ways to handle spousal support. Ask your attorney for options.

    Strathmore, AB Child Custody Lawyer

    Our attorneys make protecting your children and protecting your relationship with your children our number one goals. In Alberta, courts generally favor joint or shared custody arrangements which give the child roughly equal time with each parent whenever possible.

    Sole custody arrangements are very rare and are only considered appropriate where one spouse represents a proven danger to the child.

    Why Merchant Law?

    Our attorneys have handled a wide variety of complicated divorce cases, including high net worth divorces, entrepreneur divorces, divorces involving intellectual property, farm divorces, and ranch divorces. Many of our lawyers have over 3 decades of experience with cases like yours. We work as a team to ensure our clients receive the finest legal representation available.

    Get matched with one of our expert divorce attorneys today. Call (403) 237-7777 to schedule an appointment.