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    When you purchase or launch a business for the first time you run into a whole host of legal issues that you may never have encountered before. It is almost impossible to “go it alone” and be successful. 

    Tripping up on any one of your new obligations can result in losing millions. Businesses are also vulnerable to lawsuits in ways that individuals are not. Every day you go without a business lawyer is a day that you’re risking the end of the company you’ve worked so hard to launch, build, or acquire.

    What does a commercial lawyer do?

    Commercial lawyers serve three purposes.

    First, they serve a proactive purpose. They help you file the paperwork that helps you choose and legitimize your business structure. They help you meet your obligations with certain regulatory bodies. They ensure that all the processes and procedures are in place to legitimize your business. When you’re buying an existing business, they assist with due diligence.

    Second, they serve a preventative purpose. They negotiate and review every contract you’re part of to make sure the verbiage really applies to your unique situation. They identify potential points of liability and help you remove them or strengthen your future defense. They help you enact policies and procedures which increase your chances of having to engage in litigation.

    Finally, they serve a litigious purpose. Every business finds itself either pursuing litigation at some point, or defending against it. When that happens, you want a tough lawyer on your side, someone who knows your business inside and out and who is ready to fight for you and your company.

    When should you hire a business lawyer?

    You should consult with a business lawyer the moment you launch a business, or the moment you’re thinking about purchasing one. Without guidance, it’s too easy to stumble and create legal problems for your company.

    Who needs a compliance lawyer? 

    Companies in many industries will definitely need a compliance lawyers. Federal law regulates 18 industries, including agriculture, food, forestry, fishing, nuclear, oil, gas, mining, broadcasting, telecom, pharmaceuticals, natural health, cultural trade, textiles, retail, construction, transportation, and financial services.

    In British Columbia there are dozens of regulatory bodies for a wide variety of business types. There are very few companies who won’t require some form of compliance assistance in some form or fashion.

    Why Merchant Law? 

    When you work with Merchant Law you get experienced lawyers who have spent 20 to 30 years helping companies just like yours. Our lawyers have faced some of the most intense corporate litigation in BC history, and know what it takes to give a business the protection it deserves.

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