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    If Chinese is your native language and you’re engaged in complex business maneuvers and investments both here in British Columbia and around the world, then Ms. Sunny Lu can help. Get complex legal solutions and advice for your business from a lawyer who speaks the language you’re most comfortable using.

    Don’t let legal problems trouble your company or your investments. Ms. Lu will ensure you are complying with federal laws, provincial laws, and international laws. She will help you stay on top of regulations governing your industry. With her help you’ll get advice that can help you defend yourself in the event of a lawsuit, and you’ll get a tireless litigant on your side when a court case becomes unavoidable.

    Ms. Lu helps with all of the following issues:

    • Due diligence, business purchases, business sales.
    • Shareholder’s agreements.
    • Incorporation and business structuring.
    • Proxy battles, contested shareholder’s meetings, mergers, and acquisitions.
    • Contract negotiations and drafting.
    • Creating boilerplate contracts for your organization.
    • Equity and debt.
    • Licensing and intellectual property.
    • Corporate finance.
    • Regulatory compliance.
    • Employment law.
    • Investment law.

    Don’t see your specific issue listed here? Ms. Lu handles every aspect of corporate law and can no doubt help you deal with any issue you may be facing. Ms. Lu has the background in the complex international issues that companies like yours face, and is ready to help you navigate every challenge.

    Compliance for Chinese Entrepreneurs in British Columbia

    British Columbia welcomes foreign investors with open arms, but all investments are subject to review. In addition, if you are launching a company you will still need to take steps to ensure that your company files all of the proper documents with our government.

    In addition, she can help you decide whether it’s better to incorporate as a federal company or a British Columbia company, can help you do due diligence if you plan to purchase a business, and can help you stay abreast of securities issues that could impact your company if you choose to go public. She’ll help you draft a shareholder’s agreement that will govern your company. If it is better for you to operate as a branch or subsidiary she can help you make those decisions and create those entities, as well.

    The way you structure your company can have both tax and liability implications. Make sure you choose the right structure for your business.

    Corporate Litigation for Chinese Entrepreneurs in British Columbia

    Canada is a litigious nation, and most companies find themselves having to litigate or being served with a lawsuit sooner or later. Ms. Lu can keep you as prepared as possible so that you have a better chance of winning these suits.

    She’s also known as one of Canada’s toughest litigators, which means you’ll get truly excellent representation when it’s time to face opposition in court.

    Litigation can cover a range of issues, including contract disputes, shareholder disputes, negligence suits, environmental disputes, property disputes, and more.

    Contract Development for Chinese Entrepreneurs in British Columbia

    Every contract your business uses should be carefully crafted to meet the unique needs of each party. Ms. Lu will rigorously negotiate terms for you and will ensure that every contract has been checked for legal issues and potential pitfalls that could cause problems for your company later.

    Your contracts will be enforceable and capable of protecting you and your interests. Should any of your business partners violate these contracts in the future she’ll be there to help you recover damages in court.

    Regulatory Compliance for Chinese Entrepreneurs in British Columbia

    While British Columbia is often rather light on regulatory requirements, making Surrey an attractive place to do business, it is still important to ensure that your company is paying attention to any that might govern your business. Even in a business-friendly environment, there are laws and regulations governing the sale of products, product safety, and more.

    Failing to comply with these regulations can cost millions of dollars. Working with Ms. Lu can help you avoid these costly fees and fines.

    Mergers and Acquisitions for Chinese Entrepreneurs in British Columbia

    Ms. Lu can help both with domestic and international mergers and acquisitions. She will give you careful legal guidance throughout the entire process. She can also help defend your company when a hostile takeover threatens.

    Want to acquire a Canadian company? Ms. Lu can help you ensure that the transaction goes as smoothly and as successfully as possible.

    Employment Law for Chinese Entrepreneurs in British Columbia

    Canada has a great many laws designed to protect employees from their employers. The Employment Standards Act outlines how employers must treat their employees. This includes paying them their promised wages, deducting Canadian taxes, Canadian Pension Plan payments, and employment insurance, minimum wage laws, occupational health and safety laws, and more.

    Employees can sue when employers don’t live up to their obligations. Usually it is less expensive to ensure that the way your company operates is above reproach. Nevertheless, Ms. Lu is prepared to defend your company should an employee bring a complaint against your management.

    Succession Planning for Chinese Entrepreneurs in British Columbia

    Make sure your company survives you. Succession planning is a vital part of the business process. It will ensure that your company can continue to function if you or other key individuals die, or become incapacitated.

    Ms. Lu has additional experience with wills, trusts, and estate planning. These areas of expertise intersect to ensure that she can work out solutions that work both for your company and for your family.

    See also: Mandarin Chinese Speaking Wills, Trusts, and Estates Lawyer in Surrey, BC.

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    Ms. Lu has the experience to provide sophisticated solutions to all of your business problems. She also has extensive experience in other areas of the law which can touch on your company, such as real estate and immigration law.

    Set your appointment today by calling (604) 609-7777. Ask for Sunny by name, or tell our team you want to speak to our Mandarin-speaking business lawyer. She’s ready to help!