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    Sunny Lu is our Mandarin-speaking lawyer, and she can help you in the language you’re most comfortable speaking. She’s done a great deal of immigration work throughout the course of her career and is eager to help you realize your dreams of living, working, or studying in Canada.

    Sunny handles all immigration matters that might come up for you as you attempt to move from China to Canada. There are multiple programs that you can use to live, work, or study here in Canada. Ms. Lu is ready to help you build a better life here!

    Temporary Residence Visas for Chinese Immigrants

    Some Chinese nationals who have a valid US visa or a valid passport issued by the People’s Republic of China transiting through Canada on an approved carrier might not need a TPR. But others will need a transit visa, one of many temporary visas available to Canadian immigrants.

    Temporary visas include study permits, work permits, and tourist visas that allow you to spend time in Canada, usually up to six months. There are three types: the single entry visa, the multiple-entry visa, and the aforementioned transit visa.

    It is important to share your true reasons for visiting with the Chinese government. “Dual intent” visas can create problems later. Consult with Ms. Lu to determine whether the TRV is really the right visa for you, or whether you should be applying to spend time in Canada under the auspices of a different program.

    Canada Business and Investment Immigration for Wealthy Chinese Immigrants

    Whether you are relocating from Mainland China or from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore or elsewhere, many wealthy Chinese and Mandarin speakers have successfully taken advantage of the “investment in Canada” method to achieve Canadian citizenship and passports. It may involve setting up a new business or investing in existing businesses in Canada. Often it is a good idea to buy residential property in Canada, whether you intend to live permanently in Canada thereafter or simply are looking to secure a Canadian passport for you and your family. The property market in Canada is very stable and in Vancouver the values increased by 18% over the course of 2021, so the investment is likely not to go down in value anyway, and may even appreciate. The benchmark price of homes in Metro Vancouver was $1,230,200 in December 2021, a 18% increase year-over-year.

    So how is this done and how much money needs to be invested in Canada? It depends a little bit on the province you wish to invest in and whether it is an angel fund, a venture capital fund, or a business incubator. The current requirements may be as little as $75,000 up to as much as $200,000 according to the government of Canada’s official website. If you are a wealthy Chinese business-man or business-woman this may be the best route for you for achieving a Canadian passport. Speak to our Mandarin immigration lawyer specialist for specific information and to tailor a plan forward for your case.

    How is a Canadian passport better than an American passport?

    One of the benefits of Canadian citizenship is that, similar to an American passport, you are pretty well accepted to travel without a visa to most everywhere in the world. You also get access to the Canadian social programmes, which unlike south of the border in the USA, approach much more closely the European model of social benefits such as first class health care, child schooling, and other government run services.

    Income tax is also important to consider. Canada is much preferred these days for wealthy Chinese businessmen and women since Canada does not tax you on global income in the same way the IRS will do. You are only taxed on global income if you are a tax resident in Canada during the period the income was earned. If you are not physically in Canada you would only pay income taxed in Canada on the income earned in Canada for that period. This is the opposite in the USA where you have to pay income tax on all your income wherever it is earned globally and whether or not you were permanently residing in the United States at the time. This is a significant downside to achieving USA citizenship/passport versus Canadian citizenship/passport, which rich Chinese speaking businessmen and women often overlook. And a United States immigration attorney is unlikely to point this out to you!

    Family Sponsorship Visas for Chinese Immigrants

    Family sponsorship can be very complicated for Chinese citizens. Not only must the sponsor meet Canada’s requirements, but the Chinese citizen must seek official permission from the Chinese government.

    Nevertheless, this program can help you bring a spouse, common law partner, child, parents, or grandparents to Canada under lawful permanent residency. This means the family member will be able to live and work in Canada.

    These applications are extremely complex. They aren’t just government forms, they’re legal cases. Ms. Lu can help you bring your sponsorship application to its most successful conclusion.

    Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications for Chinese Immigrants

    Often spouses who divorce find they are suffering from “sponsorship breakdown,” requiring them to seek another form of lawful permanent residency. Humanitarian and compassionate applications can often be the most straightforward choice. These applications are open to foreign nationals currently living in Canada who need an exemption in order to apply for or maintain LPR status.

    For example, you might need to apply for this visa to remain with children who are already LPRs or Canadian citizens. The government may consider your establishment in Canada, your ties to Canada, the best interests of your children, health considerations, family violence considerations, the consequences of your separation from your relative, factors in your country of origin not related to seeking protection, and any other relevant factors.

    See also: Mandarin Chinese-Speaking Divorce and Family Lawyer in Surrey.

    Refugee Claims and Hearings for Chinese Immigrants

    China can be a dangerous place for reporters, people with unpopular political views, ethnic groups like Uyghurs, and more. If you’re living in fear, Canada might have a place for you.

    It can take years to resolve an asylum claim. There are backlogs. It’s important to launch your case correctly the first time, and for that you’ll need an experienced immigration lawyer like Ms. Lu. The Canadian government is not necessarily giving special consideration to any particular group from Canada.

    Also important: being prosecuted for political purposes won’t necessarily bar you from entering Canada or remaining here, but it will be important to address this issue when launching your immigration case.

    Deportation Defence for Chinese Immigrants

    theIf you are being deported you will need to move quickly. It is possible to appeal a deportation order, exclusion order, or departure order, but you generally do not have a lot of time to issue these appeals.

    Even a legal permanent resident can face a removal order under certain circumstances. For example, if you are convicted of a criminal offense in Canada then you may be sent back to China.

    Ms. Lu will move quickly to file a Motion to Stay and will fight hard to keep you right here in Canada.

    Immigration Appeals for Chinese Immigrants

    Even knowing where to file an appeal is complex under Canadian law. You might need to appeal to the Immigration Appeal Division, to the Federal Court of Canada, or to the Alternative Dispute Resolution.

    The appeals process can take six months to two years. In many cases it will be possible for you to remain in Canada while you wait. It may even be possible for you to work here while you wait. However, this will depend on the facts of your case. Ms. Lu will advise you on what your options and next steps should be.

    Citizenship and Proof of Citizenship Applications for Chinese Immigrants

    Ready to become a full Canadian Citizen? While you will have to renounce your Chinese citizenship, Canada’s doors are open to you. As a citizen you will never be deported and you will earn the right to vote.

    To be a citizen you must be a permanent resident, have lived in Canada for at least three out of the past five years, have filed taxes, pass a citizenship test, and prove your language skills in English and French.

    While it sounds simple, it never is. Work with Ms. Lu to ensure your citizenship application is a success.

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