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    If you’ve suffered from a concussion or a brain injury as a result of an accident then you’ve come to the right place for help. Merchant Law has helped many Surrey residents receive compensation for the lifelong consequences of these injuries.


    These include medical expenses not covered by Medicare, compensation for pain and suffering, and compensation for loss of income and earning capacity. When you’re facing a lifetime of chronic pain and the reduced ability to work this is money you’ll need to stay independent and on your feet.


    These cases can get complex because many brain injuries are “invisible.” It can be difficult to prove the extent of your injuries without help. In addition, the defendant will be trying to prove you were responsible for the accident so they can pay less. You’ll need help from an experienced lawyer to get the compensation you deserve.


    Prepare for a Hard Fight


    Brain injury cases are often more expensive than many other types of personal injury cases. This means the opposition has a lot more motivation to fight as hard as they possibly can to avoid paying you.


    The defendant’s insurance company, whether it’s ICBC or an out-of-province plan, will be working hard to claim you were at-fault for the accident so they can pay the bare minimum accident coverage they owe in these cases.


    Often, brain injuries happen in cases which are already complex, such as truck accident cases or motorcycle accident cases. When this happens, the case requires even more expertise to prepare and to win.


    All of this is made tougher by the fact that almost every plaintiff with a brain injury was unconscious or dazed directly after their accident. This means there was no chance to take photographs, get witness information, or exchange insurance information with the driver. Your injury serves as an advantage to the defense. It will take a savvy lawyer to help you overcome this.


    At Merchant Law, we’re committed to investigating the case. We’re also committed to bringing in the expert witnesses who can help demonstrate the true impact of your brain injury on your life. We will fight for every penny of the compensation you need to recover.


    Patient and Ready to Work With You


    We have worked with many brain injury patients, which means we understand that your injury could cause some limitations that can make communication difficult. Rest assured we will always treat you with the utmost respect and patience. You don’t have to be embarrassed while working with us.


    We’re 100% committed to you and your case. We’re here to make sure you’re not alone and that you get the justice you deserve.


    Getting Started is Easy


    We recommend brain injury patients secure legal representation as soon as they are medically able to do so. This allows us to deal with insurance companies on your behalf from Day 1, and prevents you from saying or doing anything which could harm your case.


    You don’t need any money to work with us. We work on contingency, which means we only get paid if you do. All you have to do is decide that our proven track record makes us a good choice. Then, call (604) 609-7777 or visit our location at 303 – 304 15127 100th Ave Vancouver, in Surrey. We’ll set you up with a free consultation so you’ll know exactly where you stand.