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    Getting injured in a car accident is traumatic and difficult. It’s also expensive. If you’re going to get the compensation you need to move past this event, then you need a lawyer who will protect your interests.


    ICBC doesn’t want to help you, and neither does the other driver’s insurance company, whether it is also ICBC or a private insurance company held by an out-of-province driver. Any insurance company will be looking for every excuse to pay you as little as possible.


    Meanwhile you may have medical bills that exceed your accident coverage, an inability to return to work, and a lifetime of pain and suffering to contend with, all because another driver was negligent.


    ICBC pays you less if the accident was your fault.


    ICBC will still pay you accident benefits if you were at-fault for the accident. That’s the good news.


    The bad news is they will pay you considerably less than they must pay you if you were not at fault. They can also raise your insurance premiums.


    If both drivers are covered by ICBC their goal will be to prove both drivers were close to 50% at fault. This means they are only paying those bare minimum Accident Benefits to both drivers.


    If the other driver has an out-of-province insurance company you can bet that company will be fighting even harder to avoid paying you anything at all, or will want to provide some low-ball sum that won’t even begin to address your recovery expenses.


    You need a dedicated lawyer who can help guide you through this complex process.


    You also need your lawyers to protect your good name and driving record by talking to witnesses, hiring experts, gathering evidence, and making a solid argument as to the true facts of the case.


    Avoid costly mistakes!


    Both your insurance company and the driver’s insurance company will try to contact you after the accident. They are going to try to trick you into making statements that serve them. They might ask you to sign documents, or make an initial offering.


    Don’t listen to them. If you can avoid it you shouldn’t talk to them at all.


    Chose and retain a personal injury lawyer as soon as you are medically capable of doing so. This will help protect you. Your dedicated lawyer will file your claim and talk to insurance companies on your behalf.


    We know what to say and what not to say. What a fair offer looks like, and what it doesn’t.


    Meanwhile, we’ll be giving you the advice on what it will take to win your case. We’ll talk to you about which documents to gather, ask you questions about the accident, and work with you to give you your best chance of achieving maximum compensation.


    Why Merchant Law?


    When you work with Merchant Law you’re working with litigators with a proven track record. We’re known for our toughness and we’re known for our skill. If you want to tell the insurance companies you mean business, we’re the ones to call.


    Remember, we work on contingency, so we don’t get paid until you do. We typically help our clients take home up to ten times as much money as they’d have received on their own, even after our fees are accounted for.


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