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    A personal injury case happens any time someone else’s negligence causes you to get hurt.

    While car accident cases aren’t possible in British Columbia (the province and ICBC handle those directly), there are a myriad of other cases that can be worth pursuing, especially when they result in serious or catastrophic injuries.

    Here is a brief overview of some of the other personal injury cases we cover.

    Slip and Fall Cases

    These cases happen any time a hazard on a property causes you to get hurt. This could be an unsalted walk during a heavy snow storm, a puddle or spill hazard left on a grocery store floor, a loose stair railing that causes you to take a tumble, or any other issue that is left unaddressed. If the property owner didn’t handle the problem in timely fashion or failed to post a warning, then you need to talk to us.

    ATV and Snowmobile Accidents

    Every snowmobile and ATV must be covered by liability insurance. This means if you get injured in a collision between two snowmobiles or ATVs then the insurance company must pay when their driver is at-fault. We also look for manufacturer liability, such as cases wherein a defective part might have caused a driver to crash into a tree after losing control.

    Dog Bites and Animal Accidents

    Here in British Columbia dog bites are governed by the “one bite” rule. It can be difficult to win a personal injury case if the owner’s dog has no history of aggression. Nevertheless, if the dog has ever bitten another party or has a history of behavior such as growling, snapping, and lunging, then we should be able to get the homeowner’s insurance policy to pay for your damages.

    Watercraft and Boating Accidents

    As is the case with ATVs, boats owners are required to insure their craft. There are also laws governing the safe handling of boats on waterways. If another boater’s negligence causes a collision or if a defective part turned boat operations deadly or dangerous, then we can help.

    Farm Equipment Accidents

    If your farm injury isn’t already covered by workers compensation or if there is a legitimate third party reason to launch a personal injury case then we can help. Farm equipment collisions, crushing accidents, cuts, lacerations, and other tragedies can be extremely severe. Collecting compensation requires expert legal advice.

    Aircraft Accidents

    Whether you’re injured in a major airline crash or injured as the result of a problem or collision with small craft, we can help. If the problem was caused by anything other than your own pilot error or unavoidable circumstances then there is a good chance you have a case.

    Camping Accidents

    British Columbia is full of lovely campgrounds, but if the owners don’t take care of it those campgrounds are filled with hidden hazards. Camping equipment can also turn hazardous when products turn out to be defective. We can get you justice either under BC’s premises liability laws or under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act.

    Defective Products

    If you are injured by correctly using an unsafe product then we can help. Manufacturers and retailers have a duty of care to provide adequate quality control, testing, and responsible design. If they fail in that duty and you get hurt as a result, you have a case.

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