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    Truck accidents are some of the most devastating and complex personal injury cases. If you’ve been hurt by a negligent truck driver then you are going to need expert representation to help you navigate the days ahead.


    The trucking company or enterprise whose driver hit you is going to fight you tooth and nail to ensure their insurance company pays as little as possible. Meanwhile, your expenses are mounting: expensive medical care that Medicare won’t cover, lost wages, and lost earning capacity. You have a right to receive compensation for these expenses.


    You also have the right to be compensated for your pain and suffering.


    But first, you will have to win.


    Make sure your lawyers know the trucking industry.


    In a truck accident, liability isn’t just about who hit who or how the accident happened. Truck drivers are held to a higher duty of care because they are driving much larger, more dangerous machines than the operator of a standard passenger vehicle.


    So we don’t just look at what happened at the scene of the accident. We look into whether the trucking company did a good job of running a background check on that driver. We ask whether the company trained the driver to the standards set by the industry as a whole.


    We also look at whether that driver was overworked. Truckers are only permitted to drive for up to 13 hours during the course of the day, and may only be on duty for 70 hours during any consecutive, 7-day periods. Many trucking companies hold their workers to delivery times that are unrealistic if they hold to the bounds of the law. They must then choose between violating the law and driving tired or losing their jobs. If we can prove a company put their trucker in that position then we can prove negligence.


    Trucking companies are also supposed to rigorously check their trucks and keep them maintained in top condition so the trucks themselves don’t cause an accident.


    Finally, there’s the driver themselves. It’s not uncommon to find drugs or alcohol involved in these accidents. You need a lawyer who understand the tricks these companies will play to try to conceal the results of drug tests.


    Defendants Start at a Disadvantage


    There are several reasons why this is the case.


    First, defendants are up against a big company with lots of resources to throw at their case.


    Second, many plaintiffs are unconscious during these accidents, or are far too hurt to take normal steps like exchanging insurance information, gathering witness information, or taking photographs. This gives the defense a head start in crafting their narrative.


    Often, the trucking company will try to send insurance adjusters and other officials to the victim before they’ve even had a chance to get their bearings. They’re hoping they can get them to make statements or to sign documents that weaken their case.


    The best way to protect yourself is to call a lawyer to represent you as soon as you are medically able. This ensures you won’t make any major mistakes as your case unfolds and helps to alleviate some of these disadvantages.


    Why Merchant Law?


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    We have a long track record of wins. Our clients typically walk away with large settlements or verdicts in their favor. Many receive up to ten times as much as they would have received on their own.


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