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    Surrey represents a hot real estate market for many Chinese-speaking Canadians. The stakes are high and the business is big. The laws governing real estate here in British Columbia are confusing and ever-shifting. Mistakes can be costly and can even threaten your ability to maintain ownership of your investment properties, or to use them to their fullest.

    You can protect your investments by working with a qualified real estate lawyer. Ms. Lu keeps track of all the changes and issues so that you do not have to.

    Lawyer Sunny Lu brings deep expertise to the table and combines it with fluency in Mandarin to offer a service tailored to the needs of Chinese-Canadian real estate owners and investors.

    Navigating Legal Restrictions on Foreign Investors

    While foreign investors are certainly buying up property in the Surrey area en masse, there are a number of restrictions that must be navigated. At any time the federal government may review the acquisition of property by any party who is not currently a lawful permanent resident or citizen of the country.

    Ms. Lu can help ensure your investment strategy will not run afoul of these federal restrictions, and can help you craft a strategy for navigating this complex web of laws and obligations.

    Buying and Selling

    When buying or selling property both parties need an experienced real estate lawyer by their side. Purchasing or selling property are both complex legal transactions that require careful negotiations and several legal steps to keep the transaction valid and issue-free. Ms. Lu helps you handle everything: contingencies, warranties and representations, due diligence, and more.

    Canada is also starting to lay more restrictions on foreign investors. We can help you navigate these issues.

    Ms. Lu can also help you navigate any disputes that arise with financing companies or with business partners.

    Ms. Lu can also help you keep track of all the land rights attached to a property, and can help protect your rights when your ownership of them comes under dispute. She helps both with commercial and with residential real estate.

    Landlords and Tenants

    Both landlords and tenants hold rights in Canada. Ms. Lu can help when you come into a dispute with one of your tenants over rent payment, lease adherence, broken leases, repairs, or other issues which can arise.

    Ms. Lu helps both with residential and commercial leases, making it easy to access the legal expertise you’ll need to diversify your investments. When you are dealing with a commercial lease, she will help you negotiate that lease, including the responsibilities of both landlord and tenant which can grow quite complex.

    Zoning and Development

    If you’re developing real estate it is important to stay on top of zoning and environmental laws which could impact your purchase. It’s also very important to understand how zoning and planning law might impact your ability to invest in the property.

    Development also takes you into the realm of construction disputes and potential construction litigation. This form of litigation can slow you down and threaten your investment. It can cover everything from non-performance of agreements by contractors and subcontractors to negligence disputes and damages. It can take you into the realm of environmental law, requiring you to navigate a great many ordinances and regulations that can also create problems for your project.

    When you work with Ms. Lu you can navigate these issues in the language you’re most comfortable speaking, all while being assured that you are in the hands of a true expert.

    Inherited Property

    Inherited property causes many issues for Chinese Canadians. Often, it can spark both inheritance litigation and real estate cases. Ms. Lu has a good grounding in both forms of the law.

    This means that you’ll get the help you need to protect your inheritance, and will get guidance on how best to navigate your next steps. If you plan to retain co-ownership of your property with a family member then Ms. Lu can help preemptively protect you in the event that a dispute arises.

    See also: Mandarin Chinese-Speaking Wills, Trusts, and Estates Lawyer in Surrey, BC.

    Real Estate Litigation

    As with any major business dealing or large investment, real estate always brings with it the chances that someone might launch a lawsuit. Disputes can arise at any point in the real estate process. Condos are a common investment vehicle for our Chinese clients, and condominiums can come with a whole host of legal issues as well.

    If you need to defend against a suit or launch one of your own, rest assured that Ms. Lu is a tough litigator who knows how to protect your interests.

    She has handled foreclosure defences, liens, title problems, breach of contract cases, misrepresentation cases, partitioning suits, and more. She can also help in cases where communities attempt to prevent you from developing your property to see fit, or when there are struggles over mineral rights.

    The Surrey market is extremely competitive. It’s usually not a matter of whether you’ll get sued, but when you will. Stay prepared. Ms. Lu can help you reduce legal liability and can ensure that you’re ready to defend yourself when the time comes.

    Get Help Today

    Ms. Lu has a depth of experience that’s difficult to find anywhere else. In addition to real estate law she is also a business and inheritance law expert. This expertise allows her to craft complex and sophisticated solutions to all of your real estate problems. She has helped hundreds of other Chinese residents make the most of Surrey’s real estate market.

    Schedule your appointment today. Call (604) 609-7777 and ask for her by name, or tell our team that you want a lawyer who speaks Mandarin specifically. Ms. Lu is part of our top full-service law firm, and is known as one of Canada’s savviest negotiators and toughest litigators. She has an entire team to back her and has a long track record of success. Ms. Lu stands read to ensure all of your legal needs are met.