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    Have you taken catastrophic injuries in a car or motorcycle accident? If so, the team at Merchant Law can help. We’ve helped thousands of Albertans recover compensation to help them pay medical bills, replace lost wages, and see to their long-term care after car and motorcycle accidents.

    We’re responsive, empathetic lawyers with decades of experience in personal injury law. We specialize in taking the toughest personal injury cases and in helping our clients get the money they need to put their lives back together again.


    Should I get a lawyer for a motorcycle accident or car accident?

    You will give yourself your best chance of resolving your case in your favor if you involve a lawyer early in the process. The other driver’s insurance company may try to convince you that you can’t hire a lawyer until you’ve recovered from your injuries. In reality you can call a lawyer on the day of your accident if you’re awake and alert enough to do so.

    The other driver’s insurance company would also like you to believe that you have to deal directly with them before talking to anyone else. In reality your lawyer can file your insurance claim for you, and should. Your lawyer can handle your insurance company too. This prevents you from making major mistakes that could end your case.

    These mistakes include going back and forth with the insurance company, answering leading questions in a way that can be used against you later, signing statements that can be used to weaken your case, or even accepting a low-ball settlement without realizing that you won’t get enough money to meet your expenses if you do so.

    Our lawyers deal with insurance companies and their dirty tricks every day. Call us fast to make your case as strong as possible.


    How do car accidents compare to motorcycle accidents?

    Car accident cases are usually simple compared to motorcycle accident cases. There are exceptions, but usually you will want a lawyer with a solid background in motorcycle accident cases. They require some finesse and some expertise to win.

    One reason why is that motorcycle accident injuries are usually far more extensive. They can result in paraplegia or quadriplegia, disfigurement, or chronic, lifelong pain. Traumatic injuries to the brain, the spine, or both are very common. Some motorcycle accident victims require amputations. Many will be unable to work after the accident and will require us to file a loss of earnings capacity claim on their behalf.

    You can expect the driver’s insurance company to fight as hard as they can to pin the blame for the accident onto your shoulders so they don’t have to pay any money. If they can’t do that, they’ll try to maximize your percentage of fault under Alberta’s comparative negligence law so they can reduce your award by the same percentage. You could end up with a very small settlement indeed if you let the driver’s insurance company have their way.

    You can expect the defendant, insurance company to lean hard into rider stigmas and stereotypes to paint you as a reckless daredevil who should never have been on the road in the first place. You need a lawyer who understands how to circumvent this tactic and who can tell your story in a way that gets results in spite of it. You need someone who can reconstruct the facts of an accident you probably weren’t in much shape to document, too.

    Each of the lawyers at Merchant Law has decades of experience handling motorcycle accident cases. We know what it takes to convince the driver’s insurance company to offer a fair settlement, and aren’t afraid to litigate and face down a jury when they force us to do so. We will fight to get a fair settlement into your hands.


    How much is a good settlement for a motorcycle accident or car accident?

    It’s impossible to discuss specific dollar amounts without knowing the specific facts of your case.

    There are principles and guidelines we follow as we evaluate settlements. Prior to advising you to take a settlement, we first look at whether it’s likely to cover your expenses. A “good” settlement should cover your medical bills and the costs of future care.

    We also look at whether the settlement adequately addresses your lost wages and loss of earning capacity. We want you to be taken care of after the accident, especially if you can no longer work.

    If there are other expenses associated with the accident we want to see those bills covered as well.

    Finally we look at whether you’re being offered a fair pain and suffering award. These awards are based primarily on the severity of your injuries and the impact they’ll have on your life in the future. In Alberta this award may be up to $370,000. We fight hard to get the award as high as possible after taking the facts of your case into account.

    There is a lot of room for negotiation in a personal injury settlement. Most cases never go to trial, but resolve themselves at settlement conferences. You should feel confident that your lawyer is a strong negotiator who goes in understanding what your case is worth and what’s at stake.


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