Adit Valera

Articling Student

Adit Valera is an articling student at Merchant Law Group, who brings a unique combination of academic excellence and practical experience. Graduating from the University of British Columbia with a double major in History and Political Science, Adit ventured beyond his local roots and took his legal education to an international level by pursing a Juris Doctor at Griffith University in Australia. While at Griffith, Adit devoted time to MyCommunityLegal where he primarily worked with minorities and impoverished individuals who could not afford traditional legal advice, helping resolve family and property law issues, reflecting a deep-seated passion for community advocacy.


With experience as a legal assistant across both large and boutique law environments, Adit possesses a refined understanding of the legal landscape. Adit is particularly drawn to employment law, family law, and civil litigation, areas where precision and empathy converge to serve client needs effectively.


Away from legal duties, Adit enjoys long walks (not on the beach), golfing and is a connoisseur of fashion & design.


Adit is also fluent in Gujarati and has ample experience communicating with primarily Gujarati-speaking individuals of all ages.

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