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    While British Columbia has made it impossible to sue for car accidents, there are many other kinds of personal injury case. Here at Merchant Law, we cover them all.

    You have a personal injury case any time someone has a duty of care to you and then fails in that duty of care. That means that someone either does something they weren’t supposed to do or fails to do something they were supposed to do.


    Slip and Fall Cases

    These cases are also known as premises liability cases. If a property owner fails to maintain their premises properly and you get hurt as a result, then we can sue them. The property insurance company tends to pay the settlement.


    ATV and Snowmobile Accidents

    Here in British Columbia, ATVs and snowmobiles must be covered by off-road vehicle insurance. If you are injured in an ATV or snowmobile crash then you may be eligible for compensation from the at-fault operator.


    Dog Bites and Animal Accidents

    Dog bites can result in permanent scarring and life changing injuries. The owner must have some reason to know the dog is likely to cause a bite of some kind. This could be a previous dog bite incident, but we can also sometimes prove a pattern of aggressive behavior. These cases are typically paid by homeowner’s policies.


    Watercraft and Boat Accidents

    When two boats collide the at-fault party is responsible for compensating the innocent party for their injuries. We help you fight for your rights after a boating accident, and do pursue wrongful death accidents for drowned loved ones. These cases are dealt with under the Marine Liability Act.


    Farm Equipment Accidents

    Most of the individuals injured by farm equipment are farm workers. They are covered by workers compensation, but there may be instances where suing a third party would be appropriate. For example, if the farm equipment was defective then you have grounds to pursue an additional personal injury case.


    Aircraft Accidents

    If you are injured in an aircraft accident then you can make a claim against the airline. We also handle small private craft accidents. The key will be determining who was liable for the accident and responding accordingly.


    Camping Accidents

    If you were injured in a camping accident then we might be able to hold various parties responsible. For example, if you were injured because your camping equipment was defective we can sue the manufacturer. If you were injured because the owners of the campground did not take steps to manage certain hazards then we can sue under the premises liability statutes. If you were camping on public land you will need to move fast, as suing the province comes with additional deadlines and significant steps that will have to be taken.


    Defective Products

    We rely on manufacturers and retailers to sell us products that are safe. While any product can injure when used incorrectly, we can bring a defective products suit any time someone’s product harms you when used according to the instructions. These cases are covered under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act. Any failure in the duty of care, from inadequate testing to manufacturing mistakes, can be grounds for a lawsuit.


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