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    Brain injuries are very common in automobile accidents, truck accidents, and accidents with cyclists and pedestrians. When they don’t cause death they can cause permanent disability. The effects can be profound and life-changing.

    In a perfect world the responsible party’s insurance company would just pay the money they’ve promised to pay when their policy-holder causes such intense injuries. In the real world, insurance companies fight tooth-and-nail to pay as little as possible. You’ll usually need help from a personal injury lawyer to receive the compensation you both need and deserve.


    Get Expert Witnesses on Your Side

    The team at Merchant Law gives your case its best chance of success by securing the best medical experts we can find. These experts can testify on your behalf, demonstrating the effects your brain injury has had and how your injury may negatively impact your life into the future.

    While the effects of some brain injuries are easy to spot, others become “invisible illnesses.” Other people, including the insurance companies who owe you money, will tend to dismiss them even as the results of those injuries wreak havoc in your life.

    Our team of caring, compassionate lawyers will ensure you get the support and compensation you need to deal with your traumatic head injury.


    Lawyers Who Understand

    Some brain injury patients are reluctant to reach out to lawyers because their injuries have made it so difficult to communicate. We understand the challenges you’re facing and are willing to work with you.

    We give you the time, space, and accommodations you need to communicate with us effectively. We’ll work with you to get the facts straight, but we’ll be patient and helpful as we do.

    We understand that every brain injury is different and that the needs of every client are different. We help everyone, from patients who have experienced a concussion and must now deal with a loss of balance and concentration to patients with severe brain injuries who will need care for the rest of their lives.


    Take Advantage of Our Experience

    Our Alberta team of perusal injury lawyers has represented numerous other head injury, brain injury, and concussion victims like you and over a number of years. We have a long track record of achieving results. Most brain injury patients walk away with multiple times as much money as they would have received on their own, without the help of capable lawyers experienced with these kinds of head injury cases.

    This money compensates you for medical bills, including follow-up care, on psychological counseling, on dental reconstructive surgery, on replacing your lost wages, and more. This money can be the key to securing your independence and control over your life, or the key to keeping the 24/7 care you may now need in order to survive.

    We’re known as some of Canada’s toughest litigators, and our lawyers have been fighting for the rights of our clients for years. We work on contingency, so contacting our office is 100% risk free. We don’t get paid a cent until we win or settle, and we don’t do anything without your agreement and consent.


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