How to Hire and Work with an Alberta Personal Injury Lawyer

You probably know you are entitled to compensation after an accident. When another party is negligent, Alberta law allows you to recover funds for medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering.

If your attempt to recover these funds is to be successful, you will need help from an experienced personal injury attorney.

Here’s how to choose your attorney and what to do when you sit with them for your initial consultation.


Choosing Your Attorney

You should look for an attorney with experience with your type of injury case. A truck accident is not the same as a two-car fender-bender. A snowmobile accident is not the same as a slip-and-fall case.

Of course, most personal injury attorneys will develop expertise in most cases as their careers progress. Nevertheless, you should be bold and find one who has gotten results for clients like you.

Check the Law Society of Alberta’s website to verify the credentials of any potential lawyer you choose.

You should also spend some time on the attorney’s website. Does the content that’s on their site help you answer some questions? Do they provide any evidence of past results or good reviews? Do you like what you see?


Your Initial Consultation

Gather all your bills, insurance information, photographs, and witness lists. You should bring all that information with you. If you have lost wages, bring your check stubs or other evidence of employment.

Bringing this information will help your attorney get an immediate sense of your case, ensuring you get solid advice about whether your case is strong enough to proceed.

You should also come armed with all your questions and concerns, as well as prepared to share your story. Be honest and thorough—it will help your attorney build a stronger case for you.

One of the purposes of the initial consultation is to help you determine if you’re comfortable with the lawyer you’ve chosen. You’ll receive precise information about the lawyer’s fee structure and approach. You’ll also be able to determine if you like and trust this attorney.

You will be working closely with this individual for 18 to 24 months. It’s crucial that you feel comfortable and respected throughout the process. It’s also important to feel like you can communicate with your personal injury lawyer.

If you don’t feel like the attorney is doing an excellent job of answering your questions or treating you with empathy, it’s a good idea to look elsewhere.


Get Help Today

Hiring a lawyer is stressful, but necessary. If you’e been injured in an accident you shold try to hire a lawyer almost as soon as you’re medically capable of doing so. The sooner you involve a lawyer, the better your case results are likely to be.

Our team offers our clients decades of experience. We’re responsive, empathetic, and tough. We’re known as some of Canada’s skilled negotiators and litigators.

If you’ve been involved in an accident, don’t wait. Contact the expert personal injury attorneys at Merchant Law as soon as possible.

Contact us to schedule a case review today. We’re here to help.

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