September 8, 2017
Media Release

“The Equifax data breach is the largest and most serious in North American history,” said Tony Merchant upon the launching of a national class action regarding the Equifax data loss. “Equifax, entrusted with a wide array of financial information regarding Canadians, Americans, and others throughout the world, has jeopardized the financial safety of Canadians.”

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A copy of the issued Statement of Claim is attached. Note particularly paragraphs 10, 15, 16, and 32.

“Equifax claims to have offered free credit monitoring services for a year, at least to US customers but a part of the terms of service for that offered free year of credit protection involves a waiver of rights to participate in any class action law suits,” said Mr. Merchant.

“Whether such a waiver would prove to be effective (give that TrusteeID is not Equifax) is questionable, but potential class members should think twice before signing up under this “deal”. There are legal arguments that indicate such a ruse by Equifax will not succeed but class members should nonetheless exercise care.”

“I stress,” Tony Merchant emphasized, “the importance of the impact is that all of the information about people has been aggregated in one place. Data loss of multiple identifiers of individuals is profoundly more significant than the single loss of a credit card number, the single loss of a social insurance number, the loss of mortgage information, the loss individually of pieces of financial information.”

Merchant Law today issued legal proceedings in Saskatchewan and on Monday will be issuing legal proceedings in Quebec, in Ontario, and perhaps in other jurisdictions.

All Canadians, businesses and individuals, who are interested in information and being made aware of the progress of the ongoing class action, should provide their contact information through the website

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