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    Injured in a car accident? The personal injury lawyers at Merchant Law can help you get the compensation you need to cover the expenses your accident has created. You are not alone, and we will fight for you.

    Personal injury lawsuits won’t make you rich, but they will protect you by helping you cover medical bills, lost wages, and other major expenses associated with your accident. A successful claim can keep your family from entering into a financial tailspin. With support from the right lawyers you can feel confident the process is moving in the right direction while you focus on healing.

    Our lawyers are some of Alberta’s most experienced car accident lawyers, and we’re ready to help.

    Should I get a lawyer for an auto accident?

    Retaining a lawyer more than doubles your chances of collecting on your claim at all. It also can more than triple the value of your claim.

    This is because insurance agencies often look for reasons to avoid paying claims, or they try to lowball accident victims hoping they’ll take less money and go away. Once you accept a settlement offer you can’t go back, so many offer an insufficient amount of money very early on, hoping to end the matter then and there.

    Without a lawyer’s help you may have trouble judging which offers are even remotely reasonable. You’ll also avoid accepting funds too early in the process. 

    How much does a car accident lawyer cost?

    There are no up front costs for hiring a car accident lawyer. We work on contingency. This means we don’t get paid at all if we don’t resolve your claim successfully. You don’t have to come up with a retainer or pay an exorbitant hourly rate. 

    When you retain a personal injury lawyer they will tell you what percentage of the settlement they will take. It will all be laid out for you, up front, in the paperwork.

    Most people come out ahead even after that percentage is deducted from their settlement. For one thing, they are more likely to get paid at all. As a result, hiring a personal injury lawyer really is a risk-free proposition.  

    What’s the average settlement for a minor car accident?

    It’s almost impossible to name a specific figure. It depends on the facts of your case. How much were your medical bills? Was the other driver drinking at the time of the accident? Do you bear any share of the liability for the accident? What was the nature of your injuries? All of these facts impact what your settlement may look like.

    Once you’ve reached maximum medical improvement and you and your lawyer understand what your final medical bills and long-term needs are likely to look at then your lawyer will at least be able to describe what a minimum acceptable settlement will look like. 

    Why Merchant Law? 

    Experience matters, and the lawyers at Merchant Law have spent two to three decades handling car accident cases. This means there’s very little we haven’t seen and that insurance companies serve up few surprises. We have a long track record of success, and have helped hundreds of people just like you win their car accident cases.

    Call (403) 237-7777 to schedule your free consultation. Our team is standing by 24/7/365 to make sure you get the help you need.