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    It’s easy to make serious legal mistakes in the stressful first minutes after a car accident. You may be in extreme pain, your adrenaline is running high, and you just watched your life flash before your eyes. You know you’ll have to deal with a lot, from replacing your car to taking time off work to seek treatment.

    You need two things to bring your case to a good outcome: an awareness of what you need to do and experienced car accident lawyers on your side.

    How Insurance Companies Respond to Alberta Car Accidents

    It would be nice if insurance companies did what they were supposed to do and paid claims fairly and in full as soon as they were submitted. After all, they expect everyone else to pay their bills in full every month.

    Unfortunately, insurance companies are in the business of making money, not paying money. So they’re going to try to do everything in their power to reduce their liability as much as possible.

    Alberta is a comparative negligence state. If you get into a car accident in Calgary you can recover funds as long as you were less than 51% responsible for the accident. The percentage of fault you are eventually assigned will reduce your eventual settlement by the same percentage. So you can bet the insurance company’s lawyers will be working hard to place as much blame on you as possible.

    They will also look for dozens of reasons why they can’t, won’t, or shouldn’t pay your claim. They will even try to trick you into making their case for them.

    How to Strengthen Your Claim

    What you do in the first 24 hours after your car accident is absolutely critical. 

    First, exchange information with the other driver. Get the names and numbers of any witnesses. 

    Be careful what you say to the other driver, to the police officer, or to any witnesses. Never say anything which could be construed as admitting fault for the accident. Even a simple “I’m sorry” could be used against you.

    Take photos if you can.

    Most importantly, get medical attention when it’s offered and follow all of your doctor’s instructions. Do this even if you don’t feel hurt yet. Adrenaline can mask symptoms, and some injuries don’t reveal their true severity until much later.

    As soon as you have received medical attention you should call an experienced personal injury lawyer. Let a lawyer handle the specifics of informing your insurance company and filing your claim. Make the insurance representatives go to someone who handles these cases day in and day out and who won’t make any mistakes. We’ll focus on getting the money you deserve. You focus on healing.

    Why Merchant Law?

    Work with lawyers who will work hard to gather the evidence that will strengthen your case. Work with lawyers with a long track record of successful settlements and litigations in Calgary car accident cases.

    Contacting Merchant Law is 100% risk-free. We work on contingency, and we get more money for our clients than they could possibly get on their own.

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