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    Spinal cord injuries can be life-altering. They can result in a lifetime of reduced capacity and chronic pain which can be traumatic to navigate. Healing can take years of expensive care that Medicare won’t cover.

    If someone else’s negligence caused your spinal injury then you have the right to seek compensation from the guilty party. You’ll just need help to do it, because the defendant’s insurance company isn’t going to volunteer to pay a fair settlement. In fact, you can expect them to fight you with everything they have.

    How the Insurance Companies Attempt To Undermine Your Case

    The easiest way for the defence to minimize or eliminate the need to pay you is to show that your spinal injury was the result of your negligence, not theirs. The second way to show is to show that you somehow failed to mitigate your losses after the fact. The third way is to claim you’re not nearly as injured or as impacted as you say you are. You will naturally want to have the very best injury lawyers in Calgary fighting for your full rights and compensation to which you are entitled to receive.

    When you have a spinal injury, whether it results in paraplegia, quadriplegia, or other lasting impairments or not, you have to expect the responsible insurance company to employ all three defence tactics in your case. This can be infuriating, but you have defences of your own. With a very capable Calgary NW injury lawyer’s help you’ll be able to demonstrate the weaknesses in the opponent’s case. Sometimes the best defence is indeed a good offence!

    We take the fight to the insurance company. We’re seasoned Calgary injury lawyers with a strong network of expert witnesses and investigators who can help us piece together the facts of your case, even if you were too hurt to gather information on your own at the scene of your accident.

    We’re adept at demonstrating exactly how your spinal injuries have impacted your life, which ensures that you can maximize your settlement. The best injury lawyers will need to send you the right doctors, surgeons, and other providers (such as physio, chiro, etc) in order to get all the required evidence together to maximize the claim value, according to law.

    What Can The Best Injury Lawyer Do To Help?

    The best Calgary NW injury lawyers will all more or less come at this the same way. At Merchant Law our team will start by handling the insurance company so you don’t have to. While some plaintiffs come to us after they’ve tried filing their claim on their own, you don’t have to. You strengthen your case the most by talking to us before you talk to any insurance company representative. We provide second opinions and take cases over from other lawyers all the time. If you want a second opinion, we are happy to advise.

    Remember, the insurance company will try to play some dirty tricks. They may try to guide you into making statements they can use against you later. They make a lowball offer that keeps you from pursuing them later, but which will not cover your expenses. They may tell you that you must sign statements which aren’t in your best interests to sign.

    The best Calgary NW injury lawyers should handle all these interactions for you. At Merchant Law, we do this day in and day out, and we know every trick in the book. As experts in the law we have the expertise to help you avoid major pitfalls.

    The team at Merchant Law is known for their toughness inside and outside of court. Hiring us tells insurance companies that you know your rights and you won’t settle for less than your due.

    The maximum compensation for non-pecuniary losses (i.e. pain and suffering) stemming from a motor-vehicle accident case can be as much as $370,000. When you add to that the economic losses and future care, we have seen spinal injury cases where the awards can be as high as $1M or more. There is too much at stake here and you need to hire an injury lawyer who has experience such as those you will find here at Merchant Law–Calgary NW.

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