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    Brain injuries can be life-altering. Many people who sustain brain injuries in car or motorcycle accidents will need massive amounts of medical care and will be unable to work in the future. 

    Personal injury claims exist to make sure you can put your life together again after the accident is over. Our tough team of lawyers is here to help you get what you need. 

    What’s different about brain injury cases?

    Since brain injury cases often involve the biggest payouts, insurance companies often fight hard to downplay the extent of the injury and the victim’s impairment. 

    It’s also common for insurance companies to try to pin the fault for the accident on the victim so they can reduce payouts, creating a need for the lawyer to prove the other driver was at-fault, or more at fault than the plaintiff. 

    Finally, when it’s time to calculate how much the victim’s lost earning potential is worth insurance companies will often insist the victim could get a job again if they only tried. They tend to ignore the fact that the victim may be living with chronic pain that makes working impossible, or the fact that the victim may have impaired cognition as a result of the accident.

    An experienced car accident lawyer can help you hold insurance companies accountable. 

    How much is a brain injury case worth? 

    While there is no average number, these cases need a delicate hand because they are often some of the most high-stakes personal injury cases. Often traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) qualify for the highest pain and suffering awards, right up to Alberta’s $370,000 cap. 

    Keep in mind, though, that nobody gets rich on personal injury claims. These claims pay massive medical bills and help you get the money you need to survive if you can’t work. The focus needs to be on making sure you get what you need, rather than on a specific amount. 

    How long does it take to recover money in a brain injury case?

    Most personal injury cases take between 12 and 18 months. They take longer if the insurance company drags its feet on offering a settlement, and longer still if the matter has to go into litigation.

    While it can be difficult to wait for your settlement check, there is good news. When you have a claim in progress creditors and others who are waiting on your money are often content to wait as long as their claim to their portion of that money is preserved. You can refer them to your lawyer, who will handle them on your behalf. 

    Why Merchant Law? 

    When you partner with a lawyer from Merchant Law you get to take advantage of decades of legal experience. Our team has a long, successful track record of resolving brain injury cases in favor of our plaintiffs. We’re tough negotiators and savvy litigators who care about getting you the funds that you deserve.

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