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    It would be great if you could just focus on getting better when you're injured. But accidents come with a host of financial concerns.


    Paying medical bills. Paying routine bills while you're out of work. Lost opportunities. Dealing with the pain and suffering you've been through.


    When someone else's negligence harms you, Merchant Law is there. Our talented team of Calgary personal injury lawyers will work hard to protect your rights.


    Is it time to hire a personal injury lawyer?


    You may not need a personal injury lawyer for a smaller injury. Payouts for strains, sprains, and whiplash injuries are capped at $5000 in Alberta. The insurance companies don't balk at paying these claims as much as they balk at the larger ones.


    If you sustain a fracture or worse you'll want to call a personal injury lawyer. You should also call us if your injuries impact your ability to work or go to school.


    Though larger injuries are capped as well, the insurance companies tend to offer amounts far smaller than the cap. Often, you may be entitled to other damages the insurance company won't even want to consider. If nothing else, it pays to have a lawyer look over the settlement to determine whether it's fair.


    The best advice is not to speak to the third part insurance company at all if you can avoid it. Feel free to speak to your own insurance company though. Call Merchant Law and let one of our capable lawyers handle all interactions and communications with the third part insurance company adjusters.


    Even if you think your case is “capped” give us a call. We take all injury cases and will offer a free no obligation consultation. In many cases where the individual thinks it is a “cap” case, even where the third party adjuster may have told you it is a cap case, a good lawyer on your side can prove that it should be considered outside of the cap. So you really owe it to yourself to consult a lawyer and not to speak any further with the third party insurance company.


    Car Accidents


    All Alberta drivers must carry an active insurance policy. When someone is negligent and causes an accident, their insurance company is supposed to step in to pay the damages, including medical expenses.


    But getting the money you need to meet these expenses is never as simple as speaking to an adjuster. The insurance company wants to get away with paying the smallest claim they can.


    Accept the first cheque that's offered without speaking to a personal injury lawyer, and you may find yourself having to make up the difference out of your own pocket.


    Motorcycle Accidents


    Personal injury cases get tricky when motorcycles are involved. The injuries are usually life-altering. Prejudice against motorcyclists often means having to fight the insurance company twice as hard.


    Our team is here to fight for justice when you or your loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident. We pursue both personal injury claims and wrongful death claims.


    Other Cases


    Our personal injury team can help you any time you get injured by someone else's negligence.


    Did you slip and fall because someone failed to keep their property in good condition? Did you get injured by a faulty product? Are you the victim of medical malpractice? Were you injured while riding a public bus or train?


    If so, you owe it to yourself to get help with your claim. As with car accidents, the insurance companies that cover these businesses want to pay the smallest possible claim. The settlement cheque they offer is unlikely to pay for all your damages.


    Remember, there's no charge to ask us about your case. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means we don't get paid if you don't get paid. If you're not sure you have a case, just call us and ask. We'll tell you whether it's advantageous to proceed.


    And if it is, you can rest easy knowing you've got some of Canada's toughest litigators on your side. And we have the track record to backup this claim: our personal injury team helped one large group of tort plaintiffs recover $2 billion, one of the largest class action settlements in Canadian history. In an individual example an individual plaintiff was awarded over $1M at trial and several cases have been settled in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. While most settlements are far more conservative, we're adept at making sure the one you finally walk away with will be fair. Understand the process of valuing a claim is complex and requires an in-depth evaluation of your specific case. It is your lawyer's job to ensure that you receive the highest money compensation possible according to the law. Experience matters.


    We never work for insurance companies. This means you can trust us to keep your best interests at heart.



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